Monday, December 31, 2007

Youth+ young adult @ jason's place

we've been planing this 1 month ago if i'm not mistaken...
anyway, since all the organizers were bz..we dragged till quite last minute to get all the things in place..
so there were lots of last minute job in this...but it turn out to be pretty is with ^^
the weather is least NO rain~..

see..all meat~ gosh..i'm not a big fan of meat so..i go for the salad..silly take its photo~
that is a very light salad~ not bad i would say

marshmallow~ i'd few of those...told ya i have sweet tooth~~

i'm one of da game master so i'm not going to play..maybe that was only excuses because da punishment was horrible! u 'll know later~~

this is more like a ice breaker game..i guess u know how it works~

nah~~ the punishment..
mixed stuff into drink and loser drink it~

act out some advertisement and ask others to guess what is that

everyone was concentrating

wow~ this was the fun..bursting others balloon while protecting ur own~

lots of running around..burning the calories that they'd just now~

then, there were prize giving and exchg of time to take pic..coz i was helping out in cleaning up the mess~

Sunday, December 30, 2007


this weekend is pretty good for me...
yesterday i went to one of my church member's house for youth xmas party..reach there very early compare to the others..coz i'm the co-organizer..and i have to i really need to help..?hmm..anyway, it is so kind of them offering their place for i shall not take that for granted ya?..
it was a pretty good night...his mom is a great cook...all the meat were well-"yip-ed"everything was good yesterday..but guess what i love the most..MARSHMALLOW..
i was glad that they finally got to buy it at last...i will put up the photos ..maybe tomorrow...

today is busy day as well..went all the way to sg wang and low yat to check out some phone stuff..
my darling wanna buy phone but at last no sign of buying..coz a bit pricey~~hmm..
anyway we found a nice restaurant a concept chinese restaurant with city dianti hill..
take couples of photos..but still in my phone..hehe~~
we went to imax theater as well..since kinda long din watch 3d movie..
but the show was boring..i actually fall asleep during the show..god~~ how could i...but i did..^^

tomorrow is going to be year eve..what's ur plan tomorrow..? maybe we are heading the same place and we can meet up and have fun~who knows~~

Friday, December 28, 2007


it has been a long time since i blog..
i think it is about 2 months now..i have no reason to back up my action..busy-ness, life super hectic are just plain excuses...
i have many thing to blog and doesn't know how to start..maybe i just choose randomly by time to time..
i don't know whther i still have any reader out there come in to my private place to check me out but i 'll continue..even though i had a sudden lose of interest in blogging at once recently..
i just felt like putting this on the side and go on with my life..
but i just can't stop myself taking out my cam to take the tempting food photos..but i do admit i still cant change my habit of FORGETTING once in a while..hehe
maybe it is inside me already..i just want to share..
maybe there is noone out there who i can really speak to..or this is a only path to let me let go of myself...being the me and me one else..
so it seem like i'll continue my blog.. :)

and one more thing..i just came back from was a wonderful trip not until we came back and found out that my buddy precious dog lost because of the carelessness of her mom..
seriously i cant stand the attitude of her mom saying that wasn't her fault...anyway i have nothing to say about it..

her puppy was the first dog that i really carry in my hand and play with coz i'm afriad of dog..i just miss him so much..but i don't who is the stupid fella who taken him away from us..
we search him around the housing area but no sign of him..maybe someone took him away since he is a very nice pup~

a happy vacation because something that no one wants it to happen...
do we still enjoy the trip..i don't know but at least i do..but deep inside..i still felt that what if we didn't go there..will miru get lost~ how would be he look like when he grow bigger...

anyway..this is one of the pic that i like the most during the trip~
i bet u guys a=still can recognize me right~

the one with the mosquito glass..that is what my fren call my sun glass..

Sunday, December 02, 2007


wow..i've been missing for nearly one month~ i'm back now~~hehe~ part time over..halOoo happy time ~~