Sunday, October 28, 2007


every weekend seems great for me...
and i enjoyed every second of it~
friday night- yumcha,dvd session with friends till 3 am.
saturday- hair cut, play around in comic shop, crowded in petaling street and church session
sunday - pavillion, low yat, sungai wang...

this is only this week~
previous weeks were similar but different places~ *woots*
this is what i call work hard and play even harder..

i think i reallllllyy should rethink about hectic working hours, maybe see it at different manner right...anyway, it isn't that bad..because i still have my friends around and cheer me up~ most importantly, my weekend always being a recharged for me for my coming weeks~

so? everybody? have you recharged yourselves? and hey..recharged doesn't mean have to sleep and eat only kay? shopping , gathering, have fun, partying~ is recharging as well ...erm...spiritually i mean....haha~

muah~ got to go~ room super messy with shopping stuff~~ *happy*

Thursday, October 25, 2007


I’m the shittiest badiest f*ckiest s*ckiest person on the surface of the earth at this very moment or DAY instead?...gosh..i don’t even bother that these words really do exist or what..but that is WHAT I FEEL now..

I’m probably the lindsay lohan in the movie-just my luck after kissing with the boy~ really f*cking bad luck… least she got to kiss such a cute guy before all the worse stuff came along! sOoo not fair okay?

After all these *abnormal* word I probably guessing what I’ve been through today…

This morning I ruined my company laminating machine. The paper got jammed into it and I cant even pull it out~ the maintenance staff came over and said that better ask for quotation of another new machine… easy rosak ka..anyway, I thought that maybe it was old already..but not really very old..gosh I don’t even what am I talking about..

Fine..lets proceed then…the day seems pretty the same old routine…UNTIL

5.30…*in my heart: yay…can go back!*

After I punched my card and everything ready…when I went to my car and start the engine…NO response AT ALL…cant start…

Tried several luck at all..

Then, nvm…I just call my mom and tell her then…after the first call I found out that my HP no battery..and off by itself d..


It’s already 6 something….and the staff mostly not there… my mom doesn’t know my office no….how is she goin to contact me..

I searched high and low for a charger…thank gos that I found one…

I plug it into the FIRST 3 pin plug…my screen showed charging..then the screen blackout…

I thought they the battery very low can’t on I waited for 15 min and on it back…CANT ON..i feel the heat at all..then I know the plug got prob..

I change another plug..THE SAME THING HAPPENED…and another 15 min ply away…

At LAST the third one works!

Then i went down to try my luck again..this time I put down my hand brake and try started…so I went down the walkie-talkie drop into the water,….


*in my heart: Why…why…why…?*

Fine, I took it up and try..thank god it is still functioning..

I went back to office…try to pulled out the charging plug since 50% battery is enough right now…guess what? I can’t pull it was stucked…AHHHHHHHH

Thank god someone was there and helped me out…

After 10-15 parents came and checked out what happened…if u remembered..i called my mom before that and she is so gan

so? Dad asked me to follow my mom and he will drive my half-dead car back…

when I thought everything was already in place and nothing will happened again~

I lead my mom to the wrong road…

Me dad followed the other way where my mom uses the heavy jam road…so late still jam? BECAUSE got ACCIDENT in LDP …

The half dead car can reach the house wayyy faster than us~my dad called us where we’ve been..and we were only a half of the journey..SHIT la..

and now my connection slow like hell,,the page load like turtle crawling! F*CK

Its complicated..i know

GOSH…and tell u what..all these things happened right after I got my 1st hard-earned salary in my entire 19 years…and I will remembered this like..FOREVER?

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Homemade is fun!

few weeks back, i went to my friend house to hang out...basically,we go every week~~ hehe
every week seem to be the same old routine..therefore, my friend and i got the craziest idea...
it started the week before where we went to have some fried ice cream at the mamak..then i suggest that we make it ourselves since it was kinda pricey for the damn small ice cream thing...

the funniest thing is, KG is suffering from sore throat and we kept talking about making all the deep fry stuff...and he said that he will be dead till then..haha~ anyway, there is a popular phrase in chinese that 'yi dok goong dok' so i just asked him to go for it...*i know i know, i'm such a bad girl..*

i thought he wouldn't turn out that day, but he did! thank goodness his sore throat had recovered.
the main thing we want to do was FRIED ICE_CREAM ONLY but we ended up making....fried banana, wafer and fried ice-cream~we stayed in the kitchen for like....5-6 hours...indeed crashing the kitchen...

so? just let the picture do the talking~


we had too much original flavour, so we added choco powder into the batter for some chocolicious flavor~

fried banana

wrapping the banana with slice of bread

roll over with flour
dipped in egg

then bread crumbs

too bad i lost the end product of this fried banana....urgh..i don't know where i save d~~

fried ice cream....

we have to frozen it for we did not manage to fry it that same week...we kept it till the next week...ha..
anyway, u guess we succeed or not??

Monday, October 22, 2007


i've been missing in action for weeks d..gosh..i freakin miss blogging i tell u..
what to job so damn busy..crazy 1..wanna wash die ppl mie...(cantonese)
urghhh...i wish i had more time for blogging~~~ sob~~

Saturday, October 13, 2007


Term & condition:

Available at Häagen-Dazs Bangsar Village II for dine-in orders only till 31 October 2007. Available from Monday to Friday, from 10.30am to 10pm. Not available on Saturday, Sunday and/or Public Holidays. Buffet promotion at RM33.90 (for adults) per person, RM29.90 (for children aged 12 and below). All prices subject to service charge and prevailing government taxes. Strictly no sharing allowed. Selection of flavours and toppings as stated on buffet menu and subject to availability. You may consume as much as you want, however, any wastages will be charged by the scoop. Not valid with other offers, discounts, promotions, Super Premium Card privileges and CORP/ENT/Complimentary Gift Vouchers. HD Marketing & Distribution Sdn Bhd reserves the right at any time in its absolute discretion to cancel or modify this promotion or any part there of including the right to amend, add to, delete or vary the terms and conditions of this promotion without prior notice.

i felt like i'm in heaven...
i've been rather hectic these days...but not ONLY because of the new part-time included many entertainment and good food...
last week~
went to few places for lunch and dinner ...
it included...bakerzin, delicious, buffet shabu shabu, buffet dinner at neway, morning tea, kopitiam, san francisco, secret recipe....DAMNIT
OMG..i couldn't believe how much i popped in my body last week...

thanks to hp84, i come across this promo...
u ask...i'll go to have a try? seriously..i'm not sure either...i felt i put on a lot of weight...besides i don't know go eat with bunch of friends they said they do not really favor this..they are meat eater! so? anyone going? call me ya ^^

anyway, despite all those good work is causing many trouble for me as well...i don't have time at home...basically i just go back home to sleep only~
morning early in the morning leave home then breakfast out ,lunch out, dinner sometimes out...
is that a good thing or what~...
the ridiculous thing is..i don't even have time to charge my battery died off few times already...i think i should bring charger to office hor?
that is why i don't have many pic for the food...but some still have..i will upload slowly can?
now i got to go out again~~ muah..bye all..and thanks HP84..luv ya ^^

Monday, October 08, 2007

pop POP pop!

once i when to catch a movie with jac...and i told her...
i know how to make POPCORN...
then, she asked me to make some for her...
despite the busy final exam schedule , i still spare sometime to make this~~ since her b'day was near...
thank god i sempat do for her....

when it start popping~~

the plain PLAIN popcorn

melted sugar = caramel

close up

coated caramel popcorn...aiya..focus wrongly~~

i packed into a paper bad and present it to jac..muah~

Youth Gathering

after my final~ i went to youth gathering at eunice's acknowledge what is MODERATE...and i'm happy with it~ i 'll be myself and do whatever i like BUT moderate right?
for those who are there will understand~

eunice ordered pizza..actually i'm kinda...bored over it~ so didn't eat~ muah~

my bro..can? Yo bro, stop showing off your teeth and the tempting pizza la wei~~

i miss you guys

i miss blogging~~~ but i don't have time..urghhhh....
i promise ..will update 2nite..muah~~

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


You Are Apple Red

You're never one to take life too seriously, and because of it, you're a ton of fun.
And although you have a great sense of humor, you are never superficial.
Deep and caring, you do like to get to the core of people - to understand them well.
However, any probing you do is light hearted and fun, sometimes causing people to misjudge you.

Part-time job

after the super duper hard time during the i have a long long break....
3 months la wei~ so long right....
i finally got a job at my mom's friend place...
everyday formal ..gosh it is difficult..but i'll learn la~~
the first day of job will be kinda tough but later i think ill catch up quickly~
*finger crossed ya ^^*

anyway, this is the reason of lack update~ so many thing to post but no time ar~~
wish me luck can?