Monday, April 30, 2007


gosh, i think i'm gonna pick up some freaking calls from my uni asking me to go back to school during break..darn...for what man...for sub paper...argh..i think i did badly today..i'm totally nooby in this..this is so not my thing!..ok?!! but..but i like figure..does this means a contradiction and bla bla bla...*i think i gone hare wire d..*
extra effort doesn't seem to work for me!! let just pray that god is on my side

i don't want sub

Thursday, April 26, 2007


2 down , 3 more to go..
tough time...
calculus..o my deepest fear!

Monday, April 23, 2007


life is being rather tough lately...not for me..but i think it would be someone around me..

i wonder why everyone has to go t
hrough some sort of process to find their true love..
why it is so complicated?

if love journey can be simplified into th
e days in a week, it would be

sunday - met up to have a drink

day- you said that you love me and want to be with me

tuesday - suprises me and sweet talk (it was like heaven)

wednesday - argued but got back together

- lesser excitement

friday - something seem to come betwe
en us . life became so dull and it was like hell

saturday -
heart has broken into pieces..
m crying inside and nobody knows it but ME

cupid missy, can you work overtime? not only shoot your arrows but make sure they really do stick together... don't let them pulled it out because it's painful seriously?

PS: for someone who reads this, you'll understand

i'm always there!!!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Hectic ? NO...

time flies, my one week study break going to end..but i don't even get myself prepared for one subject, what the heck i was doing for the past one week..gosh..

i didn't went to shopping everyday, just few days. i gave myself excuses that if i don't go out to release my stress i would end up like the crazy mom bet that many other kids out there would use this reason too after the incident...

besides,i don't have the mood to blog too..speaking of flipping my text book,'s simple, i'm that kind who is easily hypnotized by, you know what happen next~~ XD *proud+guilty*

o yeah.. i'm addict to forum recently, checking some forum, replying forum,
being my daily routine...bad'll tend to spend many many hours surfing the forum..that's the portal where i spent all my precious study week...

in other word, i'm so dead, so i better get study *finger-crossed* pls do not fall as sleep again milky

anyway, i realize that if i study too early, i'll forget the contents after few days, so why not i light the night oil before my exam?

o yea..i did have something i 'got' this study break...i put on sad..but everyday was like sleep eat pc sleep eat pc...of course will gain weight-la..

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Neway @ 1 u

milky not happy mood to talk much...just a heavy photos post

k-lunch (2 hours)

pizza vienasse rm16

kong po chicken rm12

salad buffet + ice cream- free

membership card rm 5

15% service + gov tax

total= rm38 2 people...

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


i was very shocked when i got the news..about the shooting spree at virginia tech..
pity the students and the professor as well..
i saw the report talking about a professor trying to save his students from getting hurt, hence he blocked the door and kena shot by the gunman few times..

Pikom PC Fair

last sunday, i went to pc fair with choco, choco wanted to buy a new laptop or desktop..
it was very packed..we reached about was not opened yet..but as we were walking towards the convention centre, there were so many people queue-ing up outside the main many people...i wonder what time they came..
once the clock striked 11am, the door was opened. *so punctual*

pathway entering the hall
it was kinda tired walking from booth to booth...
anyway, choco manage to buy his desktop after many surveys throughout the pc fair...and me..haha..bought a audio system..
personally, i like music very i need it..haha

yay...i did not manage to get the white one..because..i s*cks in making decision..i went back later and white was finish..and i got the black one..haih..

a little cam shot outside the window..

Monday, April 16, 2007

Sweet Potato Ball @ Petaling Street

i went to pc fair yesterday, thoroughly burnt my pocket d..haha..but nvm..i love what i bought...
before heading to KLCC, we stop by at petaling street as i was craving for sweet potato's already ages since i ate it...

we bought a packet--10 for rm2.00

o my photography skill really need seem like i'm focusing the bricks pathway rather than the food..haih..

more updates about pc fair on the coming post ..not now..milky tired..^^

Friday, April 13, 2007


oh my gosh~~ at last i'm able to sign in to blogger...

i don't know what's the hell prob with my pc and myself..

first, was the malfunction of my's a can spoil wan?? rosak in the middle of something important~~and the stupid me..very noob in handling a pc with keyboard...sOO used to mouse..can't live without it liao~~ *a bit bit annoyed*
then, what happen next???
hmm..i was not very annoyed that time because i thought the other mouse in my house could work..BUT..what? you got it's not functioning either..*s*cks man!!!*
then, choco bring me his additional mouse...then wat? CANNOT USE ...why like that ?? *haih*

immediately bought one.....on the NEXT's already late night...*damn*

finally, everything back to position..
today went to my uni financial department to collect my caution money..another frustration for me~~~
the ben dan a po in the counter so old already..don't know why still want to do those counting money checking fees..stuff..the eye sight so blur , hand so wat also slow..the queue soo long already...still still only ONE fella working..really want to shout loud loud to complain d...i was thinking why they only allowed student to evaluate the lecturers but not the employees in the uni..
work slow nevermind...she was very rude too...i don't know have to write date ..she shouted at me and asked me to stop don't go...bare in mind..very loud ...OMG...*extremely frustrated till going to faint(lack oxygen in my brain)*
argh.... i WAN COMPLAIN~~~~~


oh yea..i forgot ~~ today is friday, and the traffic this morning was horrible..very very horrible..
i know today wasn't my day...

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Extra ordinary PANCAKE

there were many left over eggs in my fridge because of the easter eggs..~~
make me wanna do whole feast of eggy-eggy so that they will be used up~~
so, milky decided to make pancake first~~~
next will be egg sandwich...omellette..steam egg..all eggs~~ my gosh!!

the preparation of the ingredients:


pancake mixture~~

frying ~~~ aiks hot hot~~


i like to make fun when i'm cooking, look what i have done....


Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Original Kayu Nasi Kandar @ Ss2

i always wanted to try out the super tall roti tissue...finally..i managed to..XD
last weekend, i went to tmn megah to meet my friends..then we head over to kayu to have yum-cha session...

i couldn't believe that a mamak stall can be so 'high-tech' or get what i mean?

they have few plasma tv and their menu displayed on the plasma...they even have -kayu channel- where you can pay them for as low as rm300 per months to display your advertisement~~~*milky too paiseh to take photos all around the shop~~*

what strikes me most is- they have a branch in melbourne, australia. here

their signature roti tissue rm4.00

it looks kinda huge..but 8 of us share 2 roti tissue..not enough~~~
however, it's just a normal roti tissue which cherish our eyes but not mouths..
but i knew that there is one more mamak in the town which serve roti klcc...two tall cones..can anyone tell me where is it?
assorted drinks(teh, chem, kopi, limau ais, teh o ice limau, milo.....)
canned drinks (justea..coke..pepsi..)
i don't know how about you guys but i feel it's kinda cheap...

Monday, April 09, 2007

Prince Cafe @ Ss2

why is everybody so fond about baked cheese rice...i don't understand...but i m sure that it's kim gary who started all this hk's food trend..*salute*

prince cafe set lunch:
price range rm13.90-rm15.90

assorted meat baked cheese rice +
borsh soup/mushroom soup +
soft drink/milk tea

sprite / mushroom soup / milk tea

look at the cheese....>.<

in the nutshell~~~ super duper chessy and meaty..but less rice...others nothing to shout about...

Caff @ Bandar Puteri

OMG..we did not met each other for 2 many things happened and have to be done..
after all those stupid stuffs and assignment, we decided to give us a break..and go to chit chat~~

we chosen the caff at bandar puteri as weiwei said that the pizza there is delicious~~
so we gave it a try...

mushroom soup rm 5.90

this was doesn't seem like those canned campbell's mush. soup..very olive-licious and buttery...i can't find a word to describe the taste..but it's absolutely a must try~~~though i feel it's kinda pricey...

turkey ham hand-tossed pizza rm 16
i don't know how about you..but to me..i feel that it's rather salty...maybe they put too much cheese and mayonaise...anyway, they gave generous amount of can see it through the pic..
choco have a play to act the next day, he showed me the was super hilarious..i asked him to record bUT BUT BUT BUT the end..his friend forgot to press the camera button for him...oh my gosh....*faint*

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter Day

it's easter sunday~~
i made some easter eggs for my church spend me 2-3 days to finish it..
not a 'big constructions' but it do take me some times to get everything in position..^^
first thing first..i have to blow off the raw egg whites and egg yorks out of the egg shell...
what you need:
your mouth ^^
use a needle to make a tiny hole on a corner side of the egg.

make a another bigger hole on the other side.

use your mouth to blow the egg on the tiny hole , so that the egg white and egg york can flow out through the bigger opening into the container..

**use the needle to poke through the egg york before blowing.
**after blowing the will have to wash the egg with water.
this part was kinda tough..coz the hole is quite small...very difficult to blow off the eggs...and the poking part was not easy too...
then is the painting part..

let the picture do the talking>>>

whole 'family'

aren't they cute???

i'm glad that they love it~~~