Monday, April 09, 2007

Caff @ Bandar Puteri

OMG..we did not met each other for 2 many things happened and have to be done..
after all those stupid stuffs and assignment, we decided to give us a break..and go to chit chat~~

we chosen the caff at bandar puteri as weiwei said that the pizza there is delicious~~
so we gave it a try...

mushroom soup rm 5.90

this was doesn't seem like those canned campbell's mush. soup..very olive-licious and buttery...i can't find a word to describe the taste..but it's absolutely a must try~~~though i feel it's kinda pricey...

turkey ham hand-tossed pizza rm 16
i don't know how about you..but to me..i feel that it's rather salty...maybe they put too much cheese and mayonaise...anyway, they gave generous amount of can see it through the pic..
choco have a play to act the next day, he showed me the was super hilarious..i asked him to record bUT BUT BUT BUT the end..his friend forgot to press the camera button for him...oh my gosh....*faint*

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