Friday, April 13, 2007


oh my gosh~~ at last i'm able to sign in to blogger...

i don't know what's the hell prob with my pc and myself..

first, was the malfunction of my's a can spoil wan?? rosak in the middle of something important~~and the stupid me..very noob in handling a pc with keyboard...sOO used to mouse..can't live without it liao~~ *a bit bit annoyed*
then, what happen next???
hmm..i was not very annoyed that time because i thought the other mouse in my house could work..BUT..what? you got it's not functioning either..*s*cks man!!!*
then, choco bring me his additional mouse...then wat? CANNOT USE ...why like that ?? *haih*

immediately bought one.....on the NEXT's already late night...*damn*

finally, everything back to position..
today went to my uni financial department to collect my caution money..another frustration for me~~~
the ben dan a po in the counter so old already..don't know why still want to do those counting money checking fees..stuff..the eye sight so blur , hand so wat also slow..the queue soo long already...still still only ONE fella working..really want to shout loud loud to complain d...i was thinking why they only allowed student to evaluate the lecturers but not the employees in the uni..
work slow nevermind...she was very rude too...i don't know have to write date ..she shouted at me and asked me to stop don't go...bare in mind..very loud ...OMG...*extremely frustrated till going to faint(lack oxygen in my brain)*
argh.... i WAN COMPLAIN~~~~~


oh yea..i forgot ~~ today is friday, and the traffic this morning was horrible..very very horrible..
i know today wasn't my day...

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theresa said...

o.0 wow.. so angry.. lolx..
cold down cold down..