Thursday, May 31, 2007

Happy Birthday!

its the last day of May..
woah~ so fast..

it's Weng Hoo's burfdae~

we had a great time yesterday.

guess what we have done to him?? haha

will update real soOn ..

Marshmallow @ mY_hOuse

mashimaro? marshmallow? mashimaro? marshmallow? mashimaro?

i always get them mixed up, because their pronounciation are similar.. mashimaro? marshmallow?

mashimaro is the cute little character and marshmallow is my favorite candy~

anyway, i'm talking about marshmallow...shuee..shuee..mashimaro

marshmallow is great BBQ stuff.
i watched a TV program introducing delicacies of marshmallow and suddenly i had the craving of baked marshmallow.

i can't wait to eat them, it's impossible for me to throw a BBQ party just because of those tiny winny marshmallow~~

so i figure out to bake it in the oven.. i was not sure whether it really works but we have to try to know what will happen.
the first step is hard but determinate~

- marshmallow - i'm a greedy fella, i don't whether it works but i bought the large pack.

poke the stick into the marshmallow.

the stick i used was actually a wood chopstick. i curi from the char kuey teow fella. hmm.. not curi-lah , i go ta pau char kuey teow and asked the hawker give me one more pair of chopstick~ hehe *super thrifty* bleh~

into the oven~ so CUTE , they puff up d~

i was so happy looking them puffing up, and at the moment i took them out--- this is what they became~ poor little marshmallow

though it look a bit minimized d..but taste wonderful~
they skin was crispy and it's soft inside~ yum yum..

they taste even greater with chocolate fudge/sauce or chocolate spread ~

i succeed!! yay!!

Hk Miu Kai Desserts Restaurant @ Kepong Fortune Park

Before i went to Genting, my weiwei called me up and asked me go over her place and get something from her..

i dropped by her house and curiously take a box of food from her before meeting my friends at old town~

it's polo bun!
my favorite polo bun..

this restaurant polo buns are very special~ and the stuffing inside is very yummy and it!

yam polo bun rm1.80

butter cream polo bun rm1.60

this looks like salted egg york..but it isn't salty, it's sweet~
besides, their price are reasonable too..

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Semi Tattoo @ Dragonfly

ohhoo~~ i got myself a tattoo..
aiya, it's just a temp one

this was the one i made earlier this year..cost me 15 bucks for one small semi tattoo ok?
kinda pricey la..but i like it

i still don't have the guts to make a permanent one..
i scare i may regret someday~~
how?? how bout u guys?

Village Park Restaurant @ Damansara Uptown

Let's talk something about food..

Dad recommended me this restaurant fer weeks ago. he said the owner of this restaurant was actually a chinese but they converted to Islam edi. he claimed that he serves yummylicious nasi lemak.

when I pass by everytime, i forget about it completely.
last sunday, before i went out, my dad reminded me to go try out the restaurant.

my dad is a very picky person, hygienes is the first thing he'll see...besides, he never simply intro food to me~ so i believe in him and give it a shot. no doubt it's kinda good although it's only a nasi lemak biasa.

the place was super packed when i reach there. the Q was long.

nasi lemak biasa rm 2

kopi large (hot) rm1.80

i forgot to say ice..haiyer..they get me a hot one..
this is ok
i still prefer Kluang station's cham ice..


last Sunday, me and my other church friends were having an outing to 1U. there were 17 of us..there were few kids too..gosh! kids are so hard to tackle man~~ can't take it..

we wanted to catch Mr. johnny's movie but it's sunday, the tickets were all sold out d.. and there were so many of us.. so we went for Blades of Glory instead.

I've seen it but i don't mind watching it again~ it's funny!

Due to the crowd, we went to KFC to have our lunch. kids love drumstick, don't they?

these were only portion of them

i'm not a big fan of KFC, maybe i'm bored of it d~

i went next door to get myself the new limited edition mcflurry.
i was just hopping that the red bean mcflurry will come out again~ here

anyway, it wasn't red bean. it's lime mcflurry upon the movie-shrek 3

when i look into the ice cream, the first i think of FLUBBER- the movie not the Shrek ..haha

i don't a picture to show the ice-cream, i'll leave it for u to imagine~

it taste so so, hmm..actually not good!
i don't even finish them, the remaining ice-cream, i add other sauces and gravy, potatoes to mix mix~~play play~

*i know i know i'm 100 times more childish then the kids~* bleh~

after the meal, we split into 2 teams, and played a little game..a treasure trial thingy ~~ see who found all the shops in 1U and get all the chops and get to gsc first.

they said i'm 1U's walking map, so we won..great!
what we got in return? actually nothing!

hmm..let me think properly..maybe it helped us to burn our fats ?? hehe

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Take Care

choco shifted..

before that, he was just few kilometers away from me..
now he went to setapak d~ because the campus is better for him to stay near there.
save time from traveling up and down from puchong..
i know that's very tiring..

i felt kinda uneasy, because he is so far away, i can't act like last time..
i can't ask him to bring me here bring me there when i want..
anyway, i don't mind.

i'll change and be considerate~ i know that distance won't separate us..

i have the best room for you in my heart..and i know u will too~~

this is a small gift for his little house warming~~haha

Random time

i am writing this in my uni. it's the first day of my new semester.
the same old routine starts again~~
anyway, i'm happy with my timetable because monday no class..yay!

it takes me 1 hour to get the previous post up, the connection here s*cks. but what to do? so many people sharing.. haih~

my 3 weeks sem break ended like this.

time flies..when you are enjoying yourself !

this morning, my 2 hours calculus lecture was like 2 days.. okok, maybe that's too much..but that's not the point, what i want to say is time crawls like turtle when you are doing something that you are unlikely to do!

oh yea~i have written a short resolution for this holiday 3 weeks ago..hmm..i think it's time for me to check whether i've done everything! here

my next class going to start soon, i better get my butt off here~

Cam whores - G Part 3

Before i start posting all the remaining funny shots..
i must say something about this guy..

i know i'm kinda bad but i know you won't mind ..hehe

my friends and i were laughing all the way while 'admiring' all the photos we had taken.
it is not because of the pose or whatever, it's all caused by hoe's smile..

this is his signature smile..

he likes to look at the cam with shocking eyes and show off his well arranged and white teeth.

i think he was trying the best to look maximum cute beside his cutie pie..but it came out the other way round..hehe

michelle loves to take photos, we were saying it is no point taking soOo many , because he looks the same anyway.

the above only a small part..if you were looking at all of those with full screen one by one, he looks damn hilarious.

ok that's all..i'm super bad girl now~ sOo sorry but i really couldn't stop myself saying it!


hoo(back) looks so 'qun'

mr.turtle..haha. but in real life this guy can drift ok?.. drift till the tyre got smoke wan~~

this fella is the bad bad guy who likes to nearly kiss people butt when they are slow in fast lane~


it's hot man!

he always don't look here wan~ haiyer!!!

at last~

damn tired waiting d~

how come so less my pic?

hint : camgirl in da hse

Monday, May 28, 2007

Cam whores - G Part 2

This are the photos in First world mall..

ladies seem a bit too old for me? should have written girls..aiya~

four musketeers..
the red shirt one (choco) obviously not looking here..i think there got leng lui that got his attention~

this is funny, he does not realize that the two fella at the back got all the attention wei~

sail? fly?

the evil little demon ruined my photo~~

haha, i was can i say like this to the cute little angel..
i should have said that to the big pink fella instead..


another funny posing..
hoe was actually asking my friend not to hold a straw while taking photo yet he made the same mistake~ haih..

hoo not cam friendly..bad bad~~ KG..not bad ya~

yew~~ what's that??

oOmph is around!

What you will think about when i mentioned oOmph?
I don't know how about you guys, but the first thing came across my mind was my mother telling me the food got oOmph with five fingers pointing her mouths, means it taste great.

However, I am not going to blog about any food that is amazing, yet I am going to introduce you guys this fabulous web site.

oOmph! The Ultimate Food & Entertainment Experience.

It is definitely looks tasty for your sight.
You can find reviews on many restaurants and bistro in Malaysia. Unlike the usual food blog, it oOmph got it all under one roof. In addition, there are details on each restaurants and hotels, so that you will not get lost even when they are like strangers to you.
This Penang Food and Penang Entertainment shows you all kind of excitements on tastebud that you can find in Penang, the famous food heaven in Malaysia.

Besides, there are many contest corner on this site. therefore, it is not only good for your sight but also your mouth friends~
So, what are you waiting for? Quick, go feel the oOmph people!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Cam whores - G Part 1

we had quite a lot of entertainment later..

outdoor theme park, indoor theme park, snooker, first world mall..
these are some photos~~
i think..i'll post bout the snooker first...

wau..when we were's kinda we choose pool instead..

while we were playing, they saw someone was leaving so we quickly asked the people in charge and shifted to snooker~~ yay!

Breakfast @ First World Cafe

my breakfast..

danish pastries..
i like crossiant the most..

ham, eggs, sausage

soy milk

seems like a healthy breakfast ..isn't it??

this is the scenery when we look out from the building..

something came across your mind??
initial d??

this is my little comic strip~~while i was eating my cereal..

actually, the sun was facing me..and i was super hot that time~~tiny little eyes~~

playing with food...good or not??