Thursday, May 24, 2007

Old Town Kopitiam @ Bandar Puchong Jaya

Last Sunday, my friend and I had a trip to Genting for 3 days 2 right we should be back on Tuesday...

but my parents were going there on me myself had to stay one more day there..and my buddies all went back on Tuesday to have a good night rest..

Gosh...i couldn't imagine i was there for so many's super bored...

anyway, enough of story telling d..

before we head to the bus station, we had a breakfast at Old Town..
it's good to start a day with a satisfied breakfast right??

actually, we were a little late when we arrive there so, we kinda had a quick one..

we ordered..

mine - Nan Yang Memorably (Hot) rm2.50

it's i prefer something hot..this is a bit bitter but smooth

choco - Enrich White Coffee Gao (Ice) rm 2.30

it's called Gao..of course it is enriched..i wonder why they want to repeat the meaning??
anyway, it's really thick..and it's choco all-time favorite

KG and hoo - Cham = Coffee Mix Tea (Ice) rm 2.30

KG and hoo like twins like that..always order the same saying them twins are too polite d..should have say them gay couple instead.

Kluang station's cham is way much better~

Hoe and shelle - Orange Smoothies rm 4.80

they claimed that it is nice..i didn't have a sip of that~~ too bad..not much review ~~

Blueberry Puree Thick Toast rm 2.80

the toast ain't as thick as those HK restaurants..but still taste well ..
but the blueberry jam..toOo much d..

_picture NOT available_
Omega Soft Boiled Eggs rm 1.80

it came last i forgot to take photo d..

Ipoh Lum Mee rm 5.30

the soup is tasty..i don't really like yellow mee..because they taste kinda alkaline~~you know??
but this dish doesn't have that kind of taste..good~

Nissin Noodle with Chicken Ham & Egg rm 4.80

i thought it should be ham & egg?? where is the egg??
here you goes..they forgot to put egg..haha

Nissin Noodle with Chicken Sausage & Egg rm 4.80

nothing to shout's just ordinary maggi~~with additional egg , sausage and vege~

after the meal, we quickly rush to my house to drop something off..and head to the station~

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