Tuesday, May 08, 2007


i never been posting something happy for quite some time..i'd finish my exam..by right i should be relaxing and happy..but i still kinda worry of my calculus..haih..i don't whether i over acted or what...but i just have a bad feeling..it's gal's intuition..bare with it~~
anyway, i went to ss2 night market and had many yummy yummy foods..but i was too lazy to take photo..you know walking eating seeing no time to take out cam..hehe..one bad big fat gal where food comes first..

usually, people will have resolution for new year..but milky have a so call resolution for this 3 weeks time..maybe i should call it a to do list..
i hope when i finish my break..when i look back this post..i'll have a big smile on my face bacause i done what i plan to do...finger crossed ya~~

to do list
room reconstruction..(too bored of the arrangement of furniture in my room d..)

throw away some old stuff

(i have many bears doll..which i should give away or throw coz i'm big gal adi...but but..tak sampai hati..and my doll shelf look so crowded , i bet they don't have enough space to breath and play around..*thinking about toy story**i wonder they really do alive like woody and friends..or it's just a fiction*)

learn to ride a bike
(i'm going 19 sometime soon..but so paiseh to say that i don't know how to ride a bike..no joke it's serious..i know to ride those with 4 wheels..does it counts? my dad bought me a mountain bike and it's wonderful..and i WANT to learn...like seriously.. anyway, can i learn without having to fall down..it's painful you know~ok? i bet with choco that i will learn it without anyone help and injury-free, is that possible?? give me some courage man...)

bake a beautiful cake for my mom for mother's day
this is what i hope...keyword is beautiful..it means with cream and deco wan...not just cake...just cake is simple..but the deco..(_._''') not good...did few times..fail..the cream just not right..hope it comes out well this time..pray~~

repaint me room
same case with the first one..kinda bored with the blue yellow wall edi..want some purple-ish..pink-ish feeling..good?? the prob is i'm very lazy..i scare i will give up after painting one wall..then it will end up super yinyong d..OMG..better think properly 1st~~

new layout for my blog..brush up my photoshop-ing skills..

maybe i dun have the skill and knowledge to make a new complete layout..but maybe a new banner or background is goood enough...
my photoshop skill kinda bad ..have to practice and study more tutorials~~

new me..

new me? what i mean by that, maybe some lose of pounds..maybe new hairstyle..new something else?? i don't know just want some changes..minor one can do...

anything else...hmm??let me think..o yea. the shopping spree thing..of course is a must...it's my everyweek to do thing okay?? hehe

maybe i'll edit when i think of something later...

------i'm very scare of my calculus..faster upload the sub paper list..o pls------

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