Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Random time

i am writing this in my uni. it's the first day of my new semester.
the same old routine starts again~~
anyway, i'm happy with my timetable because monday no class..yay!

it takes me 1 hour to get the previous post up, the connection here s*cks. but what to do? so many people sharing.. haih~

my 3 weeks sem break ended like this.

time flies..when you are enjoying yourself !

this morning, my 2 hours calculus lecture was like 2 days.. okok, maybe that's too much..but that's not the point, what i want to say is time crawls like turtle when you are doing something that you are unlikely to do!

oh yea~i have written a short resolution for this holiday 3 weeks ago..hmm..i think it's time for me to check whether i've done everything! here

my next class going to start soon, i better get my butt off here~


ItchyHandseng said...

Have fun in Uni haha.Which Uni u're in?

milky ~ pearly said...

UTAR lo~~pj branch^^