Friday, March 30, 2007

Waffle World @ 1U

don't know when..thursday become an outing day for our 'gang'..
maybe it's because of the 2 hour break between class..
hmm..or it's just an excuse to go out take photo of the food that everyone eaten and post it in our blog...
i don't know..i i really do enjoy this kind of outing..very 'noisy' very 'fun' haha..

anyway, weiwei and i decided to go to 1U ain't because of food and food only..we have to take some photos of the directory boards and customer service centre at 1u for our assignment..

thank's all over now..our presentation went on sudden prob pop out is good enough for me..

ok..back to food now...
actually, yih wen suggested to eat nando's, i feel she likes nando's a lot..yet she can be so skinny with all those meaty stuff..
oh god...why can't i just eat and eat and won't grow fat..

anyway, we did not end up eating nando's..we went for waffle instead..

sweet i come...satisficing you~~~
we have:

Caramel Banana Belgian Waffle rm6.00

even the banana are dipped with caramel..i m banana and caramel lover..the caramel are not super sweet ..just nice...yummylicious...

Banana Walnut Belgian Waffle rm6.90

eaten this before, let's make it short...vanilla ice-cream combined with walnut and chocolate fudge... one word...RiCh taste..oh..should be two words..sorry..hehe

Strawberry Belgian Waffle rm6.90

this is my is my color..haha..nah..i ordered this not because it's pink..but it's strawberry..i enjoy sour stuff very much..i always imagine when i'm pregnant..i will eat a few packets of preserved plum a day..
the strawberry's freshness + waffle + strawberry ice-cream + cream..OMG..delicious...

Waffle Sandwich-Hawaiian rm6.90

i did not try this before, i bet it was good...
cheese + ham + tomato + lettuce + waffle which act like bread = outstanding flavour and unexpected yummy taste...

Triple Nutz Belgian Waffle rm7.90

chocolate fudge between the layers of waffle make the waffle taste different from others...additional point was the make the waffle some crunchy sensation..
just let the photo speaks by itself..

Chocolate Belgian Waffle rm6.00

this is quite similar to the ablove type...but it is round in shape and no nuts..though there are no nuts..but the richness of the chocolate taste doesn't fail me..
let's see something out of the menu...'s practically not out of the menu..but just not related to waffle..

yih wen says that she can't live without rice and soup...we laugh at her saying she is a conversative kind of girl...sorry's good thing..don't worry..haha..i would be super glad if i have a wife like u..just have to buy rice and make soup enough..hehe..

Penne Carbonara rm10.90

the girl ordered this, i tried one..OMG..very creamy and cheesy..jac wanted to finished it off..but she didn't...good girl ar..

Wild Mushroom Soup rm4.50 comment cause i did not ask her how was it..

Thursday, March 29, 2007


it has been a tired and never ending week for me..
the pace is so fast and i feel like i'm left behind..
can anyone give me a hand and make sure that i'm on the right track?

tomorrow is my team presentation day, i just hope that everything will go fine....
oh yea, another injury on me..not a serious case just bengkak under my chin..i don't even know how i got say i super clumpsy and brainless when i sleep..that's why i always have unknown injury in the morning..oh not grown up..

Sri Murni @ Ss2

we head over to Ss2 while we are on the way back home...i was hoping to eat burger king...
actually, i have been told that it has closed down at ss2, even choco said that it is no longer there..but stubborn me...i insist to go there to look for luck...

fortunately NOT....i lost!! i lost !! i lost !!! *sad me*

it's already 8 something, our stomach was growling...but i know i have nothing to fear off because there are varieties of food available in ss2..

so..guess what i decide to eat...--- the famous-- SRI MURNI...

oh my goodness, it's packed like hell.. we waited for bout 1/2 hour to get our seats..then it takes them 15 minutes to take our orders andDDDD 1/2 hours to serve the food...

OMG>>> was us tOoo free or wat...

but what to do, choco say we waited for TAT long already..can't i just be patient... GRrrRRr....
finally, our food.....our 9.35pm *sweat*

mango special (regular)
generous amount of nata de coco and fruits + longan *slurp*

roti beckham

*actually i wanted to order roti hawaiian(burger meat + hotdog), but get mix up both name*

anyway, this is not bad's tuna+ham+ a lot of mayonaise..that it's specialities...

nasi goreng maryland

what can i say.the portion is so huge...can't finish it!! but very tasty..

claypot loh shu fun *love the raw egg york mix with the loh shu fun*

i'm not sure of their price but the total came to rm25..quite ok ..

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Ikea @ The Curve

went to the curve last weekend to watch mr.bean holiday..
hmm..not that funny..maybe i had too high expectations..anyway, it quite ok..

it's saturday, so i could imagine that tickets will be sold out real quick..we arrived at 2 something and guess wat..we got the last two twin seat which located at the left corner of the back, so corner and...soOo "lucky"..

After the long queue, we went to ikea to take some snack..*not see furniture* as i was craving for their curry puff..

here you goes..

ikea's curry puff rm1.00

a must eat when i go to ikea~~*winks*

coffee/tea rm3.00 (refillable)

i think it's kinda worth it, but maybe you guys may think that soft drinks will be better cause' it's just rm1.50 and rm1.00 if bought with hotdog.

hotdog rm2.00

this is also my all time favourite..i love the sour pickles..nice~~

Monday, March 26, 2007

Hope for better tomorrow

i damn tired now, it's one and i'm not finish with my many overdue stuff haven complete yet..

oh god, pls send someone to help me out..praying hard that my presention will not blew off because of somebody*i really do mean somebody*
haih..don't want mention's sad.
hmm..but why i'm here, blogging this while i so freaking tired...'s good to take a break right..

Friday, March 23, 2007

freakin pissed off

i am supa dupa extremely pissed off now~~~i nvr so hate 1 person b4..the stupid noob in maple story steal my stuff while party quest~~OMGGGGGGGGGGGGG

i am


pissed off now
have no where to tell..choose to blog it and tell everyone ....the stupid noob id is GodModeOn and plssssssss supa dupa




Food Foundry @ Seksyen 17, PJ

weiwei and i wanted to try out this cafe for a long time..we read many good reviews about this cafe..

Food Foundry has a very fine here
at last..we went there last thursday with other 'kaki'..
one thing i feel bad about this cafe is located at a kinda remote area..

if you were to come here without any map or direction, i think you might not find it..
thanks to choco, he observes where is the place and told me the directions before i go there..
my other friends were curious that where weiwei and i will bring them for lunch~~they scare we bring them to sell*manglish*

we ordered
iced lemon tea rm3
iced peach tea rm3
only 2 ordered healthy all drink plain water..^^
both seems like season brand iced lemon tea..
not recommended..

ceaser salad rm7.90

lettuce is fresh, 'crispy', nicely mix witf cubes of bread and egg..yum**

roastered pepper and tomato soup rm 6.90

yih wen claimed that it taste like those spaggetti sauce..but kinda tasty..besides, it's quite filling too..oh yea, it came with a tiny bun..

lasagna rm8.90

i personally don't like this much, i feel that it's too oily and tasteless..but others say quite ok..i could only say it's not my type of liking..

nasi lemak with chicken rendang rm7.90

jac jac say not very spicy spicy, juz nice and she gives a thumbs up..

tom yam udon rm11.90

what can i say..siau kee just say yum yum and continue her dish..very tom yam-licious i think

fish and potato wedges rm13.90

oops..forgottem to ask nice or not..i bet it's delicious..*i judge by it's look*
but at least she left them a clean plate..plate do speaks right??

OMG~~~we ordered soOO much..but that's not all...

dessert is coming your way..girls are girls, we can't resist the temptation to try out their cakes..

chocolate and nuts cake rm 8

it's actually free of charge since we spend above rm60..i like this very chocolicious..will be better if they generously pour the choco fudge

mille crepe vanilla rm 8

it's house made from many many slices of crepe and apply cream between the crepe..yummy~~

it taste better if served cold..quite pricey

mille crepe ocha rm8

grean has slightly mild aroma and taste of grean tea..good!

mille crepe chocolate rm 9

this sucks thousand os NOT cold at ALL..i think the main problem is NOT cold..make everything so suck about this~~

mille crepe strawberry & cream rm9

this is nice~~love it~~

closer view of the slices of crepe

we din even manage to finish it~~yucks~~

anyway, i am glad that other dishes are great..and my friend kinda satisfied with it..

friends forever girls~~

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Milky visual DNA

Happy Birthday Kok Hoe


though it's a late one..but better than no right?
anyway, we did celebrate with you on your birthday eve~~ happy or not??
but i think that celebrate with your dear dear more happy hor..don't know how was your birthday celebration on the actual day but i bet it was a great one...*winks*

Second visit to the hut :
we had
apple iced tea rm4.90 honey jasmine tea rm5.90
honey peach iced tea rm 4.90
as you can see..we are playing old d still play those fake money.._ _""
they even have this what so ever steel game..choco use brain to play..i use violence as long as it come out..haha
green tea rm 3.50

garlic bread rm2.90 + mushroom sauce rm1.90*sorry for the same photo..i don't know which one to put, may as well put both*
we could smell the garlic fragrance when they were baking~~ nice..
the mushroom sauce..slightly salty if eaten by itself..but taste absolutely perfect with garlic bread

french fries rm4.90

very you get me?..thick slice but crispy and most importantly..not oily at all..

chicken boscariato spagetti rm 16.90

creamy, big portion too..

curry dory spagetti rm 15.90

not too spicy..mild taste of curry..+ creamy

cake for birthday boy..from bottom of my heart- priceless..

the birthday wishes written on the white chocolate :

happi burfdae 2 outdated black belt oil producer *choco n i think de..creative right*

but when the cake was served, michelle use her fork to strike through the 'outdated' word...haha..kok see your gf so jaga your face~~

kok hoe + michelle cutting cake~~

*why i feel they seem like cutting wedding cake de???*

~happy couple~ *cold you know~~*

better go get my comforter first..till en'

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I Want..

i want change..
i want to be good..
i want everything back to its original..
i want the old you and the old me..
i want the to live in the dream and never wake up..
i want everything to be perfect for us..
i want..
i want..
i want..

for every i want..
i need to pay an effort..
so do you..
let's succed it together