Friday, March 09, 2007

No one E.V.E.R want


CNY just passed..and my day gotten from worse to worst!!!!
i get my lifetime third certificate from the whatever "pihak berkuasa" supa geeks..*who bothers!*
you may wonder what i mean...actually is this supa dupa cert~~


first was parking problem, second was accident, third is this ...

lately, i think MPPJ is doing some "keceriaan" thingy in PJ, they korek duno what thing and put bricks on the pedestrian path..sand and bricks are blocking all the LIMITED parking lots near my campus..
before this super plan..the parking areas are very limited already...nOW even worse!! don't why choose this kind of time do work wan~~~*gek sei*

no parking how??? sure park double side lor.. schoolmates all very considerate ma..parking double side is very common around that, i have no choice but to violate the law~~
then, LOOK what i get in return~~~
100 bucks bo liao~~~

100 arrRrrr....

CNY passed, angpau bo, milky also broke~~GOD~~~~~~~