Saturday, March 17, 2007

Old Town Kopitiam (2) @ Bdr Puchong Jaya

at last it's weekend..choco went to matta fair early yesterday with a bunch of friends..i can't join them because my class ends at 4PM..*tired* he claimed that it's quite crowded..i doubt that today will be worse..he managed to buy some cheap package for our holiday + friend's holiday *group vacation* *fun*
but i am still praying that michelle can join us...*jia you michelle~~~*

i have not met choco for 1 week already...though can see each other through webcam ..but the feeling just not right..
so, last nite, he took me out for supper..
actually, we "ajak" other friends for yumcha session already..but choco know that they will be he brought me to old town for a cup of coffee first..

old town white coffee (hot) rm2.00

used to be rm1.80

nan yang memorably (cold) rm2.80

used to be rm2.50*if i am not wrong?*

can't resist myself from ordering french toast...*notty me*

old town french toast rm 3.00

used to be rm2.80

hmm..seems like they increase price already..
change menu = increase price = milky not happy

one more thing...

i hate taxxxxx
tax make everything sOoo expensive!!!

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