Tuesday, July 31, 2007


have you ever asked your boy : or you ever been asked by your girl:

dear do you love me?
how much you love me?
dear, do you miss me?
if your mom and me drop into the river..you will save who?

they are all commonly asked question when you are in a relationship...
why do you asked girls?
what would you answer guys?

girl just like to put you into dilemma...
but what they hope for is simple...a pampered feeling
yet guys just failed to do so...(sometimes) **btw, guys are good in faking it~**

anyway, if you think properly, why bother what is on the surface if you can go in depth...
if you love someone it is in your heart...for you to feel not for you to hear~

girls are just asking for pleasure...
guys are just answering for pleasuring the girl

gosh..what's the point of asking? urgh~

Monday, July 30, 2007


people say that i'm hard...but i refuse to take their word...because i'm not! okay~!?
you are the problem not me~ who doesn't want to be cherish? *(^&*%*^%^%

**huh..what's the prob with my tag board?!?!?!?!**

---i want to watch transformer over and over again...who wanna watch with me??---

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Zang Toi Cafe - West 57th street @ Sungai Wang

after buying the HP..i was kinda pissed..seriously..i was not HAPPY at all after i bought the phone..

i just want to find a place and calm down myself...
i don't want to have my 'volcano' erupted towards my bf~~

went to this nice ambient cafe~~

Zang Toi is a famous designer, not just he has a great fashion sense but also culinary...
the food there not bad~~ one thing i like about them is their waiters/waitresses is very friendly~ i hate 'black face waiter'

anyway, tell you something...never do shopping or eats when you are really not in the mood...
you won't know what you buy or what you order~~
you just want to buy buy buy and oder order order~~
end up wasting food and useless stuff~~

zang toi's ice lemon tea

their lemon tea is great..not the fake one..you get what i mean? very sour..love it~

chicken @ mayo sandwich

after they served this..as i finish my first bite i ordered another one...
i'm not thinking rationally...angry-ness conquered me..felt like i can eat up whole chicken in order to ease myself...

fried chicken and blackpepper sauce sandwich

for dessert we had chocolate banana cake with vanilla icecream x 2

seriously..it was sinfully yummylicious~~ sweet stuff make me smile~~ :)
so i had both~

way too full, i knew the irrational me was wasting food again~
anyway, we just experiment the leftover with my phone
here r some..i knew that it doesn't look good~but just play play with my phone~~

***all photos taken by K810i***

what i can say is..the cam really rawks


i couldn't believe that i got this phone so soon...

seriously, i was unhappy getting this phone...not because of the function or what ..it is just due to friend friend friend...

i just want to say...don't buy something from your friend..because if you don't buy you will feel bad..if you buy you can't bargain for good price..because you don't know how to ask them to lower the price..gosh! (that's call paiseh to ask)

buy d can't say anything...it's ok~

using my olympus 7.1 MP DC

using K810i

what's the diff?

others pics using DC..haven experiment with the HP yet

oh yea, i know this fon comes with a not-so-well sound and headphone...

so i bought another W-series headphone because got noice isolation...but i a bit regret wasting those additional money...because i already have a mp3 wat..haiya~~bad bad bad decision!

Saturday, July 28, 2007



it's only 10 past 8 now... woke up so early today...

i'm super tired but just can't sleep~
maybe yesterday eat too full...

*but it was yesterday stuff right? so long haven digest?*

met my long-time-no-see schoolmate and had a loOong chat... he is a part time photographer and studying architect , taught me something about photographing skill and DSLR stuff...
then, went to my friend's house to dry swim and made some heavy supper... no pic because i didn't bring my cam..and we were to busy preparing ...so enjoyable... previously we will go out on the midnight and find cafe or mamak for food instead of staying at home and do ourselves like now...

slept at 2 something nearly 3 this morning... it is quite common for me because on weekdays when i'm rushing for my assignments i'll only be on my bed around 2~

it's bad i know... sleep late soOo unhealthy for my skin my body my eye!!!

but no choice i can't help it...

found some emo photo in my picture storage...
it's random

----end diary----

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Phones!!! Sickening!

i'm going to get a phone soon~~ but i'm confused don't know which one to choose~~ can anyone give me any idea or comment on this~

they both are the same..it is just the design..

actually my friends say that why i need a phone so soon?
i have every gadget i need, 7.1 Mp digicam, 1 gb mp3, 1.3Mp phone..somemore want what?
of course is 3G -lo...haha
besides i have an assumption thinking that a phone will not last for 18 months...so i'll try my best to get rid of the phone within 18 months~

haih..i'm still pondering about it~

*woah 3 posts at once...*


woo~ at last managed to try sinfully fattening dip dip dip piz d~ i had it twice in a week~ guilty flooding in my heart~~

goodness..you see~~ so little bbq dip~

pull pull pull

playful girl want an close up~ *buu*

the cheese given really too little d..so choco asked for refill..they said have to charge us..
however, the brilliant choco just 'shoot' them saying that they gave SOO PITYFULLY little at first~ so they are speechless and refilled for us...

overall it was quite ok for me..at least the dip ain't watery~~ i saw many food review saying that it was watery~
a third attempt on this? maybe not...

Over..relaX time

yo~~ at last..everything done...

tired is moi name now~~ want to have rest and relax for few days and get my engine starts again next monday...

overall...the presentation was awesome~~ i have so much fun talking about it..after all it is in deed very argumentative topic right?

i am glad that we chosen the right topic~

however, i said something wrong while the presentation..hmm..actually not wrong~ just ..some word just slip away from my lip..super embarrassing i tell you..so paiseh to say it out now..
it just came out sOoo spontaneously without me knowing that i said it out already...gosh..it seem so complicated right? haiya..dun say d~~ doesn't have to know what i said also..way tOoo shocking~

my cheek like volcano eruption after saying it~ gosh gosh gosh!!!

guess what is the first thing i thought off after my presentation?

durian haha~~coz these few days did not manage to eat because i scare that it would affect my voice~~ *bleh*

tie up my hair and prepare for action... hehe

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Talk Talk Talk

i have two presentations coming sOon..like real soon..one tomorrow, one on Thursday~
might be a bit hectic these 2 days..

this is just plain boring...PENGAJIAN MALAYSIA
LAN subject...how does it spells? B---O---R---I---N---G

anyway i still have to do it properly..it contributes to my coursework marks~

hmm..this is much much much more interesting...don't you think so?

it is some sort like a mini debate and talk...guess i am the one who agree or disagree on PREMARITAL SEX?
just guess guess guess~~~hehe


guess what sad thing happened today?
for 'goodness sake' i kena SAMAN....


if u read my blog you will know this is my 3rd time d~

the parking lots around my campus so darn limited ...every1 double park~~
then the mbpj fella just like to come here to SIN
(i called those who are not considerate and simply just give saman to POOR student like me a SIN)

poor thing~~ 3 times d..

1st time rm 50 lessen to rm30
2nd time rm 100 lessen to rm 50
NOW rm 100 lessen to rm20

(because i pay on that day itself..means today-LA!!!!!! and i beg the officer to less less less because I AM A STUDENT..WHAT YOU EXPECT FROM ME LA WEI...)

the stu*** d*m d*m take their own SWEET time to do their work!!!
i really want to CURSE them you know...
i wish that i have a wand to speed them up...(if i really have one better still i just make the saman to disappear right? )

yo....... &*^^&%$%^^&%&*&(*()*()**(&&*%^%$%$##$@%^$^&^

hate u hate u hate u!
curse u curse u curse u!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Durian Season

in case you guys don't realise..it is durian season now..

great~ i'm a durian lover..i wonder why some of them will feel that durian stink..especially the western..

i eat durian until i lost my voice...great right?
daddy often buy some d24 back home...looks like my house has unlimited supply these few days...

here you are
a very short post..sry..busy with presentation stuff~ *blueks*

Sunday, July 22, 2007


Got Tagged by Mr.Poonky poonky..haha

Layer 1: On the outside
Name: cyber purpose:milky...real name: pearly
Birth Date: 15th september 1988 (REMEMBER EVERYONE...haha)
Current Status: single + complicated
Eye Colour: black
Hair Colour: black

Layer 2: On the inside
My Heritage: cantonese + hainan (want one hainan chicken rice?) :P
My Fears: hmm..thinking..lonely...consider or not?
My Weaknesses: laziness
My Perfect Pizza: for now..i think would be the diplicious from pizza hut ...

Layer 3: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
My First Thoughts of waking Up: I WANT TO SLEEP SOMEMORE / yay..one day closer to WEEKEND
My Bed Time: depends how tired i am and how busy i am
My Most Missed Memories: ONLY HAPPY memories in the past

Layer 4: My Pick
Pepsi or Coke: Pepsi
McDonalds or Burger King: Burger King..i like to refill myself
Single or Group Dates: Single
Adidas or Nike: Nike
Tea or Nestea: nestea-iced lemon tea!!
Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate
Cappucino or coffee: ice blended mocha...

Layer 5: Do You..
Smoke: NO
Curse: i try not to...but if you really pissed me off..that's another story d
Take A Shower: OF COZ...
Have A crush: YA...every thought is him...but...
Go To School: uni life
Want To Get Married: ya but definitely not now..cohabit also can..
Believe In Youself: depends...if i'm good in it..then i'll have confidence
Think You're A Health Freak: i AM.... hearty person

Layer 6: In The Past
Drink Alcohol: not really...wine only :)
Gone to the Mall: Just now..
Been on Stage: ya~~
Eaten Sushi: love it...
Dyed Your Hair: no o...mommy say young young don't dye first wor

Layer 7: Have You Ever..
Played A Stripping Game: stripping game?? are you kidding me??
Changed Who You Were To Fit In: har? you mean changed into someone else that i wish that i were her? if this is the case...nope..i enjoy my individuality

Layer 8: Are You Hoping To..
Get Married: har?..nope

Layer 9: In A Boy
Best Eye Colour: i don't know..as long as i feel it's normal
Best Hair Colour: Black
Short or Long Hair: Short and spiky

Layer 10: What You Were Doing
A Minute Ago: chat on skype
Hour Ago: flipping some mags
Four And A Half Hours Ago: shopping at Mid valley
A Month Ago: doing what a normal person will do la..lol
A Year Ago: being a younger-by-one-year version myself

Layer 11: Finish The Sentences
I Love: people who threat me well and not well
I Hate: people who pretend to threat me well
I Hide: my stalked clothes on my bed into my closet when someone suddenly came into my room
I Miss: my friends
I Need: a BREAK


Layer 12: Tag 5 People
Anston (poonky ask me tag you geh)
Stephenie Ying (new friend - wanna know more about you)
Eugene (time for you to update jor~~)
Alex (this another new friend tOoo..tell me more about you ..haha)
Jun Jun (always wanna tag me..tag you back)

Saturday, July 21, 2007

DOuble cake dOuble Fun

post some food stuff first~

i made two flavor of cake out of one cake mixture?
brilliant right?

i dig all the stuff that can be mixed into the cake mixture...because i felt that just raisin very dull...
but mommy said she wants raisin only...so i separated both and made two cakes then...satisfied everybody..

this is raisin cake..

this is raisin + chocochip + pineapple jam

raisin cake

double chocochip raisin pineapple cake *name so long*

though it look kinda burned..but not..

close up of raisin cake

close up of double chocochip raisin pineapple cake

can u differentiate which is chocochip and raisin?

no recipe because it is just a normal butter cake some own innovations...
besides, i'm kinda tired..

Back..miss me?

Gosh..at last i'm back..i'm back..i'm back..
miss blogging so much...
you guys still remember who is milky right?
the emo girl on the header..haha

hmm..one more thing..today harry potter book 7 harry potter and the deathly hallows is released..

different publisher different cover...
i prefer the first one..but the one released in Malaysia is the second one with hard cover...

so fast fast go get the book to know how the story ends..

went to mid valley , woo..many people lining up at mph cashier for the book...
jk rowling earns A LOT!! but no doubt she is gOOD-la..

btw, besides the book..i managed to watch harry potter -OOTP today...the queue long till can die~

anyway, i'm happy that i get my connection back..*happy* but still have tons of stuff to do...why can't we just have NOTHING to do in ONE day...RELAAAX whole day...
*pray pray that day will come faster*

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Short update

darn..i haven get myself a new modem...
i don't know whether, this condition is good or bad for me..

i have 3 mid tests coming soon...like real soon kay?
..2 on friday(tomorrow) 1 on saturday

so i think i will get my modem on friday~~(after the 2 HORRIBLE tests)

life without connection is s*cks....but the bright side is..i get more time to study and roam around outside the network..haha
always go out and 'wet'..*blueks* at least i do something right~~~
a little something that i made some times ago which i have no time too post..

double chocochip raisin cakey~

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Milky's Disaster

milky super unlucky!

the lighthing and thunder burned my either modem or network card yesterday during a heavy heavy rain!!!

called tmnet they blah a lot and spent me about 10 bucks calling their 1300-xxx-9515 line (forgot d)


i'm at my uni comp lab now..

haih..milky have to buy new modem..will be back on friday (i think)

****lots lots lots of sadness****

Monday, July 16, 2007


review back what i was suppose to COMPLETE during the weekend...

see..i only done 3 of them~

since Friday night i was super busy...
Friday night went shopping then Saturday whole day not at home...went to meet some friends, uni, interviews and church...

at night once i reached home..i felt that..'it's great to be back!'

i thought that i can concentrate in my work on Sunday, but i forgot that someone will come and fix additional port /plug in my room and the bathroom as well as servicing air-cond *weather so hot nowadays..add gas add gas more more~~: ) *...

*sad* whole morning and noon can't stay in my room~ then the noise very annoying~ can't concentrate even i was at down stairs. GOD~~~

today, i purposely wake up early to do my BA report because i felt really bad for not doing my school work!

my weekend seems like a disaster right?

anyway, at least i had something that i was happy off..at last i tried dip-licious with my friend and had a awesome durian feast AGAIN... that's why i'm 'speechless' now..sore throat and mute sound..

besides, i made durian cake too...*woot*

more updates coming ~~*T&C apply :) coz still have many stuff haven done yet* muackxx

Sunday, July 15, 2007

EIGHT 8 random fact about milky...

tagged by pretty lil jaecy

* Each blogger must post these rules first.
* Each blogger starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
* Bloggers that are tagged to write on their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.
* At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
* Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.
okay..done of those useless T&C stuff..

let's go straight to the topic kay?
DO read them if you are free because you will know lots about me~

milky is a girl edition of macgyver *not absolutely ...but...similar*
i know boy stuff and girl stuff..

what i meant is..i know what a guy should know like...
fix a cupboard, drill a hole with the whatever tool you call it which make very annoying sound, fix a plug(life, neutral and earth), cut a wood, change a bulb, repair fan, use all those whatever tools and others....
girl stuff like cleaning, baking, cooking, sewing even neating..
maybe it's due to my parents have no one to teach but me because i'm only child..

and i have to learn to be independent and not always depend on my daddy to fix all the stuff at home so he taught me some basic stuff...
i bought 7 feet cupboard at ikea and i had to fix myself coz dad went outstation...(unbelievable right?)

mom is a typical women...she knows all those girl thingy and know nothing about fixing / repairing. my cooking, baking, sew skills all come from her....

SO, i'm a combination of them genetically, physically and also SKILL-ly..haha

i'm a shopaholic. not very serious..just minor minor one...

i have tons of clothes in my closet where i only wore once or twice and never wear before..
i gave away few packs of clothes my mom's friends and charity d~
my friends said that if i don't wash my clothes for 3 months i still have something to wear in the 4th month...

i know it's bad and i'm CHANGING... milky mean business now...will change!

i don't know whether this considered as fact about me or not..but i just feel like mentioning it...
NOWADAYS, i am leading a disorder life...

i don't know it's due to packed schedule or personal problems make me feel so...
i have a lot to complete but i'm lost in the mist of stalked job...
i don't where to start and no one can come and draw me out of all this craps...
the worst part is i have to pretend that i'm okay so that ppl around me will not will stressful and worry as well..i'm putting on my mask and i'm suffering...
i don't know where to split out all this but to shout here...
even the one that i thought that he is the closest disappointed me
i want to be free real free i need a break..long long break to think about my life
but...it is impossible to have a break now man..!

I'M really LOST

i'm a can't-live-without-music fella..
if i'm alone and no sound around me..i'll freak out
i fear loneliness...

maybe it is because of my childhood...i was left alone at home since standard one..my parents tried to send me to a nanny...but i refused...i don't like to be restricted at other ppl's house...so the nanny will send me food everyday..then my parents pay my neighbor to look after me in her own house *great rite?*

then, music will accompany when i'm alone at home...because i want some sound in my house to scare the thief that many ppl in my house...(naive rite?) that makes me who am i now...

i can go out without my purse...i always feel that handphone is the most important thing...if i'm in trouble i can call for help and that's good enough right?

besides, no purse means no ic, no ic means no identity...sometimes when go yumcha or near near places and i don't have to drive i can go out without those stuff only my body and hp....

my friends and parents always scold me that how can a handphone is more important than money..money can solve many prob and use for public telephone...i agreed with them in my mind but not in action...haha *proud
proud proud*

i love durian.
i have many many durians recently...*addicted*
now suffering from sore throat and lost of my voice...but i still continue makan..
mommy says that i'm very stubborn *bleh* but i call this 'yi dok gong dok' (use poison to heal poison)
*geng mou?*

i have a bf that i don't know whether he is a bf...
don't ask...

last but not least, the most important FACT would be...i came to this beautiful earth with my birthday suit on 15th of September (that's exactly 2 months from now) ...

the FAct of telling you this is..muahaha..wish that you guys will wish wish me ya ^^

appreciate that! because usually my birthday fall on my finals exam period...it is the same this year...very sad you know... m :((((((

so emo~ forgive me~

hmmm... i'm suppose to tag 8 fella~~
let me think ~~
  1. anston
  2. aaron
  3. andulu
  4. iwan
  5. leonard
  6. jingster
  7. s7even
  8. yellowbanana

Friday, July 13, 2007



weekend coming~~

it will be a busy weekend for me.. lots of stuff to do~~
hmm..so busy..i'll remember to blog?? huh..we'll see~~ enjoy ur life kay??