Monday, July 23, 2007

Durian Season

in case you guys don't is durian season now..

great~ i'm a durian lover..i wonder why some of them will feel that durian stink..especially the western..

i eat durian until i lost my voice...great right?
daddy often buy some d24 back home...looks like my house has unlimited supply these few days...

here you are
a very short post..sry..busy with presentation stuff~ *blueks*


Jade Z. said...

wahliu~ the durians! hahaha! i dont eat them but somehow your pics made me miss malaysia & longed to taste that durian taste again~!!! >.<

=jaecywong= said...

hahah i damn sad la.. cannot eat durian this year!!!!! :P dun overeat ma.. u c no voice liao :P

Poonky said...

look like i need to blog about rambutans also...but left seeds only habis makan

teddY said...

OMG stop seducing me with all that durian photos! Haha! You're making me really hungry now, since I'm one of the biggest fan of durian you can ever find. Well since I live in the boarding school we don't have the luxury to have it and gosh, the teachers have it for dinner in their own units and you can smell it ten miles away! That's called torture XD

Iwan Sanchez said...

oh dear!!

Durian stinks!!! yucks!!!


i like ur last pic!!

looks cute!!!

Cnigel said...

you look like ella from SHE in the picture above.

simonso said...

durian makes my lips sexy :P

milky ~ pearly said...

hmm..too bad..m'sia also miss you..less prettier without a pretty babe like you~~ haha

huh? o yea..u at oversea now..aiyo~~ nvm nvm..u get to eat more other stuff right?

haha..can also..u can blog about rambutan seeds then~~

izit? i tot i'm the one..nex time lets see who love it more more more...hehe
that's sad...then u guys can't enjoy it in ur block as well?
aiyo..y they so~~*speechless* pity u all

how come..
nvm..lots ppl feel so too...
huh..really?..thx very emo

hor? ya ka?
btw..i like ella..

milky ~ pearly said...

u so kua cheong..btw i wan to see ur lips sexy~~ when u gonna eat har?

s7even said...

oh god, durian~ so wanna eat one- havent eat any this year :(

KennetH said...

where is mine where is mine?