Wednesday, July 04, 2007


seriously, recently i'm obsessed with brownies,
maybe it's mainly caused by my mom's friend, make brownies almost every week and she makes awesome brownies..

anyway, weiwei reminded me about the calories hidden in this evil blackie dessert..
i think off making it myself..add less sugar..not bad right? hmm..i found the recipe d..just haven get my hand dirty.

i'm a chocolate lover, despite veron's another name is choco ..anyway i meant the real can-eat chocolate.

i had a brownies from Food Foundry, sek 17 today, and it definitely adores my day! (pic not with me, may edit later)

i'm serious kay, i wasn't happy these days...girls tend to release stress through unhealthy ways and i'm one of them..

sweet stuff make me happy! how about you?
if i'm down in this moment, i'll check out my kitchen whether there is any dessert or candies that i can stuff in my month..and i'll get super guilt after that..

if my kitchen is empty, then i may drive out and search for 'medicine' (food)
sometimes i think that i have some sort of food addict sickness when i'm down..very usual right?

gosh..who can help me out here..i'm digging my own grave?

i knew that it's not hearty having this kind of practice but i simply can't help myself ~ haih~


teddY said...

GOSH your eyes are sooo big! Haha! Big sparkling eyes going around electrifying allthe guys around you XD LOL! Okay that's meant to be a compliment :) anyway, well I love brownies a lot, but too bad the girls in my class can't bake good brownies. Everytime they'll bring their "failed" brownies to school, force the guys to eat them and ask us to rate their brownies. We're forced to tell them that their brownies taste great! Haha!

Iwan Sanchez said...


Oh dear, i also had brownies lately!! hahahaa!!

Telepathy ar?? hahahaa!!!

brownies dman sedap!! hehehee!

milky ~ pearly said...


seriously? kesian..i used to bake stuff and brought for my friend while secondary school..but i scare to bring fail wan..coz i scare they eat till stomach ache haha...
now go uni..quite less d..

big eye? hehe..wun electrify la..i duno how to transmit electric to them..

hmm..telepathy..kinda~ haha..i oso feel the telepathy that you gonna but me sedap sedap brownies very soon o~~ haha

Iwan Sanchez said...

wah.. how to send to you??