Thursday, July 26, 2007

Over..relaX time

yo~~ at last..everything done...

tired is moi name now~~ want to have rest and relax for few days and get my engine starts again next monday...

overall...the presentation was awesome~~ i have so much fun talking about it..after all it is in deed very argumentative topic right?

i am glad that we chosen the right topic~

however, i said something wrong while the presentation..hmm..actually not wrong~ just ..some word just slip away from my lip..super embarrassing i tell paiseh to say it out now..
it just came out sOoo spontaneously without me knowing that i said it out seem so complicated right? haiya..dun say d~~ doesn't have to know what i said also..way tOoo shocking~

my cheek like volcano eruption after saying it~ gosh gosh gosh!!!

guess what is the first thing i thought off after my presentation?

durian haha~~coz these few days did not manage to eat because i scare that it would affect my voice~~ *bleh*

tie up my hair and prepare for action... hehe

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