Tuesday, July 31, 2007


have you ever asked your boy : or you ever been asked by your girl:

dear do you love me?
how much you love me?
dear, do you miss me?
if your mom and me drop into the river..you will save who?

they are all commonly asked question when you are in a relationship...
why do you asked girls?
what would you answer guys?

girl just like to put you into dilemma...
but what they hope for is simple...a pampered feeling
yet guys just failed to do so...(sometimes) **btw, guys are good in faking it~**

anyway, if you think properly, why bother what is on the surface if you can go in depth...
if you love someone it is in your heart...for you to feel not for you to hear~

girls are just asking for pleasure...
guys are just answering for pleasuring the girl

gosh..what's the point of asking? urgh~


Aaron Chua said...

Yeah~ What's the point?! LOL~
Normally, I'd give logical answers. XD

Poonky said...
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Poonky said...

GF: Dear..which shirt nicer...A or B?

BF: Erm....erm B nicer

GF: *put's back both and go for C*

BF: thinking *if i know i just gonna said A and B also nice but C nicer*

sometimes girl question = guys give any answer also high chances will wrong T T see la see la still said we faking it hahaha