Sunday, July 15, 2007

EIGHT 8 random fact about milky...

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okay..done of those useless T&C stuff..

let's go straight to the topic kay?
DO read them if you are free because you will know lots about me~

milky is a girl edition of macgyver *not absolutely ...but...similar*
i know boy stuff and girl stuff..

what i meant is..i know what a guy should know like...
fix a cupboard, drill a hole with the whatever tool you call it which make very annoying sound, fix a plug(life, neutral and earth), cut a wood, change a bulb, repair fan, use all those whatever tools and others....
girl stuff like cleaning, baking, cooking, sewing even neating..
maybe it's due to my parents have no one to teach but me because i'm only child..

and i have to learn to be independent and not always depend on my daddy to fix all the stuff at home so he taught me some basic stuff...
i bought 7 feet cupboard at ikea and i had to fix myself coz dad went outstation...(unbelievable right?)

mom is a typical women...she knows all those girl thingy and know nothing about fixing / repairing. my cooking, baking, sew skills all come from her....

SO, i'm a combination of them genetically, physically and also SKILL-ly..haha

i'm a shopaholic. not very serious..just minor minor one...

i have tons of clothes in my closet where i only wore once or twice and never wear before..
i gave away few packs of clothes my mom's friends and charity d~
my friends said that if i don't wash my clothes for 3 months i still have something to wear in the 4th month...

i know it's bad and i'm CHANGING... milky mean business now...will change!

i don't know whether this considered as fact about me or not..but i just feel like mentioning it...
NOWADAYS, i am leading a disorder life...

i don't know it's due to packed schedule or personal problems make me feel so...
i have a lot to complete but i'm lost in the mist of stalked job...
i don't where to start and no one can come and draw me out of all this craps...
the worst part is i have to pretend that i'm okay so that ppl around me will not will stressful and worry as well..i'm putting on my mask and i'm suffering...
i don't know where to split out all this but to shout here...
even the one that i thought that he is the closest disappointed me
i want to be free real free i need a break..long long break to think about my life is impossible to have a break now man..!

I'M really LOST

i'm a can't-live-without-music fella..
if i'm alone and no sound around me..i'll freak out
i fear loneliness...

maybe it is because of my childhood...i was left alone at home since standard parents tried to send me to a nanny...but i refused...i don't like to be restricted at other ppl's the nanny will send me food everyday..then my parents pay my neighbor to look after me in her own house *great rite?*

then, music will accompany when i'm alone at home...because i want some sound in my house to scare the thief that many ppl in my house...(naive rite?) that makes me who am i now...

i can go out without my purse...i always feel that handphone is the most important thing...if i'm in trouble i can call for help and that's good enough right?

besides, no purse means no ic, no ic means no identity...sometimes when go yumcha or near near places and i don't have to drive i can go out without those stuff only my body and hp....

my friends and parents always scold me that how can a handphone is more important than can solve many prob and use for public telephone...i agreed with them in my mind but not in action...haha *proud
proud proud*

i love durian.
i have many many durians recently...*addicted*
now suffering from sore throat and lost of my voice...but i still continue makan..
mommy says that i'm very stubborn *bleh* but i call this 'yi dok gong dok' (use poison to heal poison)
*geng mou?*

i have a bf that i don't know whether he is a bf...
don't ask...

last but not least, the most important FACT would be...i came to this beautiful earth with my birthday suit on 15th of September (that's exactly 2 months from now) ...

the FAct of telling you this is..muahaha..wish that you guys will wish wish me ya ^^

appreciate that! because usually my birthday fall on my finals exam is the same this year...very sad you know... m :((((((

so emo~ forgive me~

hmmm... i'm suppose to tag 8 fella~~
let me think ~~
  1. anston
  2. aaron
  3. andulu
  4. iwan
  5. leonard
  6. jingster
  7. s7even
  8. yellowbanana


KeV's wAlKAbOuT said...

lol.. sometimes i just find u to be very adorable in those

Poonky said...

Yay!i tot u gonna write 16 fact geh

we got same er...but i dint write though haha, i have fact 1(im myguyver version +..can cook a bit consider ah?) and fact 4 same as u heheheh

wahh in the end u just wanna tell ppl ur bday~~ jot down 1st

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