Thursday, July 26, 2007


woo~ at last managed to try sinfully fattening dip dip dip piz d~ i had it twice in a week~ guilty flooding in my heart~~ see~~ so little bbq dip~

pull pull pull

playful girl want an close up~ *buu*

the cheese given really too little choco asked for refill..they said have to charge us..
however, the brilliant choco just 'shoot' them saying that they gave SOO PITYFULLY little at first~ so they are speechless and refilled for us...

overall it was quite ok for least the dip ain't watery~~ i saw many food review saying that it was watery~
a third attempt on this? maybe not...


s7even said...

why always when i drop by, i see good food de? always make my mouth water..

lasilasi said...

ahh cheeeeese!! pizza hut in msia is always creative!! hardly have any new products in melb =(