Sunday, January 20, 2008

Tuesday, January 08, 2008


my bunch of friends are not more or less like makan kaki~...
we can just popped out a party after a short conversation..and hell yeah~ we threw a bbq party..

and such a coincident, it was also my last day of work...
so that was a little celebration for myself that i knew it myself..
it was such a relieve leaving that co.
office politic aint that easy and it varies a LOt from what i had in mind previously...i've learned indeed~

in fact i had so much fun that nite..despite helpin out at the party..everything was pretty awesome..

u might find i have limited photo over less food photo...but seriously..there were many foods...and i really do realize that if i don't have weiwei with me..i'll just had couple of photos and thats it...i'll only have complete meal photos when we were together...
exactly what my bud told me yday~
you see...wei, i cant live without u..waha~~

we used the standing fan to help the fire to "fire up"
it really do works ~ awesome!

last but not least~ da author of this blog~

basically i call the party off with this~ muah..liquor is so cool~

Sunday, January 06, 2008

what happen to my blog~~~

i duno kepts jumping to next site after when it loads half way~~ y y y

Friday, January 04, 2008

xmas tree

i disappear from blogging recently because of part time job..
i worked in a service residences for 2 months~
and guess what..i'm in charge of putting up da xmas tree...ALONE and its 10 feet tall!

they wanna cut cost so they didn.t ask the pro cost them rm 500 last year~

i spend 6 hours putting the ornaments and ribbons up~
i wonder where every1 went while i'm decorating~
somewhat they just appeared when i nearly finished up and help me up put or RELOCATE 1 or 2 ornaments and asked the boss to come out to see what WE'd done..

i was like WHAT DA..WE???... its ME u r talking about~ real bullshit..that's office politics i think and i HATE that! HATE!!!!

that was my NOT-SO-HAPPY xmas tree day~but i was really satisfied what i've done~..
dont bother those f*cking staff!

Happy Birthday WEI WEI ! ^^ friends 4eva

today is my best fren bday..and i would like to give her my best-est wishes~~ hehe

Thursday, January 03, 2008

xmas eve

how was ur xmas eve..i bet it was a great night over in KL?
i spend my night at penang-gurney..
lord the crowd was huge~

we reached there quite early so we went to catch a movie 1st..... we came out from da plaza, we found that there were some function by DIGI..anyway u won't feel the crowd near the stage ..when u come out to the main road.. gosh~ humans everywhere~~

we are constantly being spray by strangers but our sprays were on the car..we quickly went to the car..throw my stuff in it include my cam..and have fun~ that explain y i dont have lots of snowy pic..*bleh*

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Penang part 1

i went to png for xmas..
quite fun i would say but i enjoyed the beach da i'm gonna post that 1st ~
i'll just let the pic do the talking~

reach there bout 11? 12? not very sure bout it

sand man~

da group
da love birds


we played da banana boat and kayak-ing~ i don't have those photos because me darling FORCEd me to put my cam in da car and have fun..wat the...i don't have a underwater housing for my cam~ so cant kena water~

we went back about 6 and its sunset~ bout 6-7 hours at the beach..thank god i had my sun block with me..i apply layers and layers of bad my friend didn't brought hers..we share and she apple kinda less end up having SERIOUS dun burn~
pity her

nevertheless, we ate lots of stuff i shall post another post about food then..but its a LOT..i cant even rmb where we ate and wat it i'll do it the simple way~ plain pic~ but it still do the magic in the mouth of u readers right~ let us see then~

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Dainti Hill@ Pavillion

in chinese , it is pronouns as dai guan shan~ but its English name is dainti idea how they translate it~

the interior is pretty nice with city view..not bad tho~
i only had couple of photos because there were quite a number of people around~

nice view..the photo is kinda weird because there is a blinds over the window~

they have many branches all over world..mainly taiwan and china~ and 1st in malaysia

guess what, they have varieties of dessert that really caught my eyes~

our order:-
red bean mountain rm 13

pork chop rice rm 16

anyway, i have to remind you guys that they charged for the wet tissue...rm 2 each~ wow...