Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Fish & co @ 1U

i was craving for seafood for dinner, the first thing bumped into my mind was Manhattan Fish Market. it's always my first choice for seafood thingy, unfortunately they don't have a branch at 1U..therefore, i decided to try Fish & co instead..
the ambience is ok, not too crowded too..
one thing that i could compliment was their service, the waiters are kind and have a smilling face even though i request for many things...another seat, more sauce....*troublesome girl*

a little advice from milky, when you visit to this type of restaurant, it's preferbly for you to choose their can try everything at once..

we ordered the seafood platter for 2..the price is slightly more expensive than Manhattan..

the portion was quite big..we nearly can't finish it...because choco tooth is giving him problem...pity him..

i can't really comment about their freshness as they were all deep fried..but's quite good..

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Neway @ 1U

after the satisfying brunch...we shopped for a while and decided to go Neway karaoke to have a good time..
it's the first time we visit Neway..usually we go to Redbox..and it's definitely a good experience..i don't mind visit them again..

as a first timer, i felt that they are way much better than redbox, in term of money n food..but the down side of it was their service..they often knock n come in to ask whether u want to order something extra..

we reached at 12.55pm, they still allowed us to go for their K lunch which comes with buffet first, they said the salad bar is closed at 1.00pm and we are not allowed to take them anymore since we are late..but at last they are kind enough to let us take some salad..thanks ya~~

i took it real quick..dun really bother what i took..or how does it look like..haha..though it's appearance ain't tempting..but trust me..very vegeliciously yum yum..
as for the set lunch, choco ordered western ??? set..i don't remember what is the name..*forgive me*

it comes with 4 huge sausages ,mashed potato and some boiled vege..dear dear gave it a thumbs up..the mashed potato gravy was yummy..

milky always prefer noodles than meat o i go for wantan ramen..

quite big portion...but the taste was so so..the soup was not hot enough..but the wantan was quite delicious..

both of the set lunch comes with drinks too..we had lemon tea and lemon coke..forgotten to take photo again..

it's only both of us..though we have taken our brunch earlier, we still manage to finish these food *thank god and dear dear*

overall it's very enjoyable where you can eat and sing along...for those who enjoy food and love to sing try neway..our bill was about's really worth it with all the food and songs~~

Secret Recipe @ 1U

last saturday was dear choco 19th burfdae...we had a great time together..
a burfdae dating ain't complete without CAKES~~ right?
so, first thing first , we headed to secret recipe to have a light brunch..
since it's only about 11 something, secret recipe was not packed yet.
we sat at a fine place, choco ordered his all time favourite chocolate banana..
he likes chocolate,you can tell as his name is choco too..

he enjoyed it, so do i..i had a few bites too..can't resist *winks*
as for me...hmm..i'm totally into CHEEze..i ordered expresso cheese.
they truly made a fine 'couple'
i love it..

good bye ~~ pampered life

it has been a while since the last time i blog..

i'm quite busy tis few days..adapting in new life,new course in this whole new's kinda tough..unlike my more pampered by my lovely mates..*sigh*

have to do everything all by myself..though..there are still many out there who help me a lot..i would like to give my heart-felt thanks to them..*friends forever* *winks*...

Thursday, January 25, 2007

new bin *eye rolled*

at last, i've imported my blog from friendster blog to blogspot. hmm..i find that blogger do offer much and better than friendster..thus..i make my final decision to change a new garbage bin..*look up*

happi burfdae dear..

AUTHOR: pearly-milky
TITLE: happi burfdae dear..

DATE: 01/18/2007 03:01:04 AM

happi burfdae to cha..though it is an early one..coz i hope 2 b da 1st ..m i ??

*making fun*


though many things happened along the road..but i know love is still u?

i will bring happiness 2 u, not only on ur burfdae, but everydae..happi everydae dear..haha


可能我太急了吧。。你都知道我就是这样。。什么都要快,狠,准 的。。对吧?不过。。希望感性不是快来快去噢。。嘻嘻。。





call me pastries-oholic

AUTHOR: pearly-milky
TITLE: call me pastries-oholic

DATE: 01/18/2007 02:04:57 AM
studying in a campus near SS2, PJ leave extremely bad effect on my weight..i cant imagine how m i goin to look like in few years time..

as i was craving for egg tarts , i decided to head over to asia jaya. thr is a shoplot at the corner, opposite of the korean restaurant(dai jeong gum) which sell yummy egg tarts..especially when its freshly baked. i can say, their egg tarts is the best among wat i hav tried. we bought 2..i m way too excited n ate it without taking photo of it. 2 bad..but i will definitely go thr again, i hope i'll remember 2 take photo *finger-crossed*.

after tat, we went 2 our nex stop..SS2..we wanted 2 hav our meal at restaurant sun hin long (hope i din spell wrong) for their claypot lou shu fun..unfortunately, we cant find a place 2 park as it was lunch, i made up my mind n decide 2 go for doughnuts..

angel cake house serves huge doughnuts n delicious as well. the texture is different, mayb they use high quality flour? doesn't matter lah..

actually, thr was one more chocolatechips doughnut, but ..*guilty* same case..4gotten..hehe after that we head to king's to get some other pastries..n tis were wat we got..

hmm..its such a pastries day..

just let me do so

AUTHOR: pearly-milky
TITLE: just let me do so

DATE: 01/17/2007 08:28:31 AM

i wan to do the best..but why i still feel so unappreciated?

thr is a song can describe my feelings now..

I'm feeling really unappreciated.
You takin` my love for granted, babe.
I don't know how much more,
I can take from you.
You don't do the things you use to do.
You don't even say I love you too.
and lately I've been feeling,
Feeling unappreciated.

i noe i promised u tat i wil not post something tat is unhappy..but just let me do so..anyway, it doesn't seem sad la..i still use pink which r cute n happi..aren't they?

i just wan to express wat is in my least i can feel much better..tis is my garbage rite? *bored*

nonetheless,i still bliv that...

hope u feel da same..lurv u

a perfectionist..i m

AUTHOR: pearly-milky
TITLE: a perfectionist..i m

DATE: 01/16/2007 07:22:39 AM

just like my title..i m..

i use 2 hour 2 get the previous post posted..after tat ..i edited at least 6 times 2 get everything perfectly done..

wan 2 b perfect is good o troublesome..haizz

mayb i will b used 2 it when i blog more..hmm..

ps: KISS = keep it short & simple

unoccupied day + bully me

AUTHOR: pearly-milky
TITLE: unoccupied day + bully me

DATE: 01/16/2007 07:09:40 AM


WTH.. tis is the third time i rewrite tis post..i hope it is the last..i m realli very pissed off ..very! S***..its just the beginning..y u wanna threat me like tis..dear why why????

arh....i will KISS (if u noe wat does it mean..not the regular one lah) coz really no feel..

2day did not went 4 classes coz i only have X hour lecture 2day..too is only the beginning of 2nd week..i have already started to feel lazy..

- LAZY - everyone indeed have very much potential 2 b good at it..n i m a PRO..haha

however, i shud chg my attitude d, i used to be 'hardworking'( in the eyes of others) if not i cant imagine wat result i will get later..

tis day is simply unoccupied, duno wat 2 do..

sometimes, i feel that i have too little time to get even 1 thing done yet thr are also times i feel that i m way too free that i don't know wat 2 do 2 kill my time..i hate doing nothing.. mayb i really failed in tis subject call time management..teach me~~~~

anyway, at least i did something nice 2day, i satisfied my foodilicious stomach with veGe tOast that i made..

its kinda easy to make it, juz add assorted vege as toppings n cheeZZE --i lurv cheese coz it come from milk 2 rite?-- den bake it...n u goes..

though it is simple but trust me..its yummylicious n most importantly..less calorie (despite the cheese ^.^)..

short lect

AUTHOR: pearly-milky
TITLE: short lect

DATE: 01/15/2007 12:59:59 AM

monday, it is just another regular weekdays 4 usual..caught in the massive jam..

is me or wat..i alwaz feel the traffic on monday is extremely jam compare 2 normal weekdays.

izit working ppl will be more punctual on monday compare 2 other days that cause all the terrible jam? hmm..enuf of tat

the dean of my course bump into my lecture class 2day..he claimed tat XXX(my course) is a tough course..ask us 2 pay more effort into it..he says-it is not an easy course, if u failed tis sem u cant continue the nex sem till u pass it..u decide to enroll in tis course u muz noe wat is ahead of u wont be a honeymoon days..only 10%- 20% of our senior pass de exam..he says he have came across his DAYS~~he even ask us 2 spend 5 hours on each weekdays and 8 hour on both weekends 2 brush up the subject..-OMG..its nid 2 sleep no nid 2 eat, no nid do other thing mie?? tatz wat 1st came across my is already the second time he does fren n i wonder whether he is encouraging us o hope us 2 leave the course so that he will get less trouble when we unable 2 graduate..or even want 2 earn the change course fees?? anyway, it is only wat we think..we dont judge..

finally he did say something tat i totally agree with--hard work can change everything even u r not, i think his intention is good..


AUTHOR: pearly-milky
TITLE: lurvstory

DATE: 01/14/2007 06:42:11 AM

I tot love will be 4eva but it aint like tis.

U tell me it will be 4eva but 4eva just end.

I just hope to be da one for him but it is not.

I showed up when u needed me the most,

U give me helpless faces when the same happened 2 me,

Sometimes, I asked myself is loving is all about waiting?

Or I m 2 free till a state tat I m da one who alwaz do the waiting?

Enuf of all excuses, it just make things worse.

Our love just cant have a day 2 settle down..

It alwaz heaven n hell..sometimes u bring me to a paradise yet it becam

misery in the nex day.

Y am I alwaz the unlucky one who undergo all tis situation.

I left. I was really happi n had fun but I need to put it down, I m more mature

n I bliv better things is ahead of me. I may return someday but 4 now in this

point of my life, I said goodbye.

For everyone out thr, nvr promise ur love ones u will love them 4eva bcoz it

may just end in the nex day. When the day really comes, u will hurt them more.

Love them as if 2day is the last day. Make everyday a valentine but not only 14th of feb..

Pledge ur love to the one n only the one..

Finally, when u really love someone, dun expect perfection, love everything.

Therefore, mayb I realli do fall in lurv.