Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Fish & co @ 1U

i was craving for seafood for dinner, the first thing bumped into my mind was Manhattan Fish Market. it's always my first choice for seafood thingy, unfortunately they don't have a branch at 1U..therefore, i decided to try Fish & co instead..
the ambience is ok, not too crowded too..
one thing that i could compliment was their service, the waiters are kind and have a smilling face even though i request for many things...another seat, more sauce....*troublesome girl*

a little advice from milky, when you visit to this type of restaurant, it's preferbly for you to choose their can try everything at once..

we ordered the seafood platter for 2..the price is slightly more expensive than Manhattan..

the portion was quite big..we nearly can't finish it...because choco tooth is giving him problem...pity him..

i can't really comment about their freshness as they were all deep fried..but's quite good..

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