Thursday, January 25, 2007

unoccupied day + bully me

AUTHOR: pearly-milky
TITLE: unoccupied day + bully me

DATE: 01/16/2007 07:09:40 AM


WTH.. tis is the third time i rewrite tis post..i hope it is the last..i m realli very pissed off ..very! S***..its just the beginning..y u wanna threat me like tis..dear why why????

arh....i will KISS (if u noe wat does it mean..not the regular one lah) coz really no feel..

2day did not went 4 classes coz i only have X hour lecture 2day..too is only the beginning of 2nd week..i have already started to feel lazy..

- LAZY - everyone indeed have very much potential 2 b good at it..n i m a PRO..haha

however, i shud chg my attitude d, i used to be 'hardworking'( in the eyes of others) if not i cant imagine wat result i will get later..

tis day is simply unoccupied, duno wat 2 do..

sometimes, i feel that i have too little time to get even 1 thing done yet thr are also times i feel that i m way too free that i don't know wat 2 do 2 kill my time..i hate doing nothing.. mayb i really failed in tis subject call time management..teach me~~~~

anyway, at least i did something nice 2day, i satisfied my foodilicious stomach with veGe tOast that i made..

its kinda easy to make it, juz add assorted vege as toppings n cheeZZE --i lurv cheese coz it come from milk 2 rite?-- den bake it...n u goes..

though it is simple but trust me..its yummylicious n most importantly..less calorie (despite the cheese ^.^)..

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