Thursday, January 25, 2007


AUTHOR: pearly-milky
TITLE: lurvstory

DATE: 01/14/2007 06:42:11 AM

I tot love will be 4eva but it aint like tis.

U tell me it will be 4eva but 4eva just end.

I just hope to be da one for him but it is not.

I showed up when u needed me the most,

U give me helpless faces when the same happened 2 me,

Sometimes, I asked myself is loving is all about waiting?

Or I m 2 free till a state tat I m da one who alwaz do the waiting?

Enuf of all excuses, it just make things worse.

Our love just cant have a day 2 settle down..

It alwaz heaven n hell..sometimes u bring me to a paradise yet it becam

misery in the nex day.

Y am I alwaz the unlucky one who undergo all tis situation.

I left. I was really happi n had fun but I need to put it down, I m more mature

n I bliv better things is ahead of me. I may return someday but 4 now in this

point of my life, I said goodbye.

For everyone out thr, nvr promise ur love ones u will love them 4eva bcoz it

may just end in the nex day. When the day really comes, u will hurt them more.

Love them as if 2day is the last day. Make everyday a valentine but not only 14th of feb..

Pledge ur love to the one n only the one..

Finally, when u really love someone, dun expect perfection, love everything.

Therefore, mayb I realli do fall in lurv.

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