Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Neway @ 1U

after the satisfying brunch...we shopped for a while and decided to go Neway karaoke to have a good time..
it's the first time we visit Neway..usually we go to Redbox..and it's definitely a good experience..i don't mind visit them again..

as a first timer, i felt that they are way much better than redbox, in term of money n food..but the down side of it was their service..they often knock n come in to ask whether u want to order something extra..

we reached at 12.55pm, they still allowed us to go for their K lunch which comes with buffet salad..at first, they said the salad bar is closed at 1.00pm and we are not allowed to take them anymore since we are late..but at last they are kind enough to let us take some salad..thanks ya~~

i took it real quick..dun really bother what i took..or how does it look like..haha..though it's appearance ain't tempting..but trust me..very vegeliciously yum yum..
as for the set lunch, choco ordered western ??? set..i don't remember what is the name..*forgive me*

it comes with 4 huge sausages ,mashed potato and some boiled vege..dear dear gave it a thumbs up..the mashed potato gravy was yummy..

milky always prefer noodles than meat o rice..so i go for wantan ramen..

quite big portion...but the taste was so so..the soup was not hot enough..but the wantan was quite delicious..

both of the set lunch comes with drinks too..we had lemon tea and lemon coke..forgotten to take photo again..

it's only both of us..though we have taken our brunch earlier, we still manage to finish these food *thank god and dear dear*

overall it's very enjoyable where you can eat and sing along...for those who enjoy food and love to sing k..do try neway..our bill was about RM30..it's really worth it with all the food and songs~~

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