Thursday, January 25, 2007

short lect

AUTHOR: pearly-milky
TITLE: short lect

DATE: 01/15/2007 12:59:59 AM

monday, it is just another regular weekdays 4 usual..caught in the massive jam..

is me or wat..i alwaz feel the traffic on monday is extremely jam compare 2 normal weekdays.

izit working ppl will be more punctual on monday compare 2 other days that cause all the terrible jam? hmm..enuf of tat

the dean of my course bump into my lecture class 2day..he claimed tat XXX(my course) is a tough course..ask us 2 pay more effort into it..he says-it is not an easy course, if u failed tis sem u cant continue the nex sem till u pass it..u decide to enroll in tis course u muz noe wat is ahead of u wont be a honeymoon days..only 10%- 20% of our senior pass de exam..he says he have came across his DAYS~~he even ask us 2 spend 5 hours on each weekdays and 8 hour on both weekends 2 brush up the subject..-OMG..its nid 2 sleep no nid 2 eat, no nid do other thing mie?? tatz wat 1st came across my is already the second time he does fren n i wonder whether he is encouraging us o hope us 2 leave the course so that he will get less trouble when we unable 2 graduate..or even want 2 earn the change course fees?? anyway, it is only wat we think..we dont judge..

finally he did say something tat i totally agree with--hard work can change everything even u r not, i think his intention is good..

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