Thursday, January 25, 2007

call me pastries-oholic

AUTHOR: pearly-milky
TITLE: call me pastries-oholic

DATE: 01/18/2007 02:04:57 AM
studying in a campus near SS2, PJ leave extremely bad effect on my weight..i cant imagine how m i goin to look like in few years time..

as i was craving for egg tarts , i decided to head over to asia jaya. thr is a shoplot at the corner, opposite of the korean restaurant(dai jeong gum) which sell yummy egg tarts..especially when its freshly baked. i can say, their egg tarts is the best among wat i hav tried. we bought 2..i m way too excited n ate it without taking photo of it. 2 bad..but i will definitely go thr again, i hope i'll remember 2 take photo *finger-crossed*.

after tat, we went 2 our nex stop..SS2..we wanted 2 hav our meal at restaurant sun hin long (hope i din spell wrong) for their claypot lou shu fun..unfortunately, we cant find a place 2 park as it was lunch, i made up my mind n decide 2 go for doughnuts..

angel cake house serves huge doughnuts n delicious as well. the texture is different, mayb they use high quality flour? doesn't matter lah..

actually, thr was one more chocolatechips doughnut, but ..*guilty* same case..4gotten..hehe after that we head to king's to get some other pastries..n tis were wat we got..

hmm..its such a pastries day..

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