Friday, August 31, 2007

A Break

off to genting~

last week i went to PICC for the fireworks competition..

in such coincident the my fm form ranger team was there for some activities~ if you are my fm radio station listener, you'll know what it is all about

since there was still time for us to stopped by and feel the crowd~ we just get down the car and try our luck~

they were giving away many freebies..small stuff like posters, coffee bag, voucher and so fort..

that TWO gifts that caught my attention were PICC firework competition ticket and my fm 9th anniversary concert...but definitely there were others who were interested too right? there were so limited tickets.

people are like that, there are no free lunch in this earth~

they required us to play games and eliminate the others one by one~
they divide the group into 2 was for the PICC tickets and one for my fm concert tickets.
there were only 6 pairs of PICC tickets and 2 pairs of myfm tickets...
i try my luck for PICC while choco go for my fm group~

i s*ck in playing those paper scissors i'd been eliminated on the first face liao~ haha

anyway, i thought choco was no luck too~

BUT he just came toward me showing me the tickets..i was luck..OMG..u so lucky! hehe so that's how i get my ticket~ ^^

wow~ we were the lucky one among this crowd~ *woot*


picture taken from putrajaya garden

duck? zebra? fishy? vege?

its 31th august d~
happy 50th burfdae MALAYSIA!!
i didn't go to countdown at putrajaya with my friends...cos the jam..--> HELL
i just stay around puchong and went for a drink at bumbu bali and catch the firework up the hill ~~
so with is heaven one is earth...haha

let get back to the topic..shall we?

told ya we had a suprise for her..

da gift~
fish food...oxygen gel...fresh vege..and a duck-look-alike stuff..
we are really crazee~~

nice?the milky-handmade-burfday -cake

i think this would be most unforgetable burfday right?

muah to you..*bleh*

Thursday, August 30, 2007


yo..its end of my semester 2...14 hectic weeks..we even have to pass up assignments on the last week last DAY..that was crazy..everyone burn the midnight oil yesterday to finish up this crap because we were given less than 1 week to complete it...the worse thing was we have to do it with a software SPSS which we are not familiar with..skee said SPSS= stupid people stupid true can...

anyway i am glad that i managed to produce something out with it...thank god...haha

fuh~ have tons of overdue post..lots of outing and food and wonderful time..haha..don't know which one to start..i feel like talking about the most recent one..
we celebrated wern's burfday yesterday and i baked cupcakes for her...i had an assignment to pass up yet i still have mood to bake even harder right?

the whole process..ain't complete, i just randomly take some shots..

yo~ freshly baked..nice fragrance..

this is the icing frosting

cupcake after transformation...haha..*still in transformer fever?*

i know my spreading cream skill not well...but the heart that counts right?
by the way, they claimed that it was happy~

this is only the 1st part..we had one more bigger surprise for her..guess what was it?

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Delivery me pls

we had a serious issue with fast food last week...Mcd delivery, Kfc and this..gosh
no fast food anymore pls...i want to puke...

since our thursday classes are quite we called up domino for pizza delivery~

we chose dominos because their don't charge extra delivery fee..and they are much more efficient than pizza hut...but taste hut still stand better~

we ordered the office combo 4 for 10 ppl...

there were 3 large pizza, 2 bread stix, 2 banana kaya dessert, 3 bottle of coke...
for only 80 bucks..

cheap right...we are wise consumers....haha

the pizza boy arrived kinda early where we are still in the lecture hall...weiwei and i just slipped out the class and take the food...end up did not attend half of the lecture..because we eat first~ can't stand the aroma of freshly baked pizza~

that's all for now kay..this is my last week of this semester...and i have one more assignment...
who knows the statistic software - SPSS....pls help assignment dued on thursday but i have no idea how to use that software...HELPPPPPPP

Monday, August 27, 2007


milky is being very extreme today...
quite restless...
6.30 am till 8.30pm

after my test, we went for lunch and movie in 1u..then the curve ...then ss2 night market..

exhausted man...

but really enjoyed with my girlfriends...haha...we can live without!

sorry for not replying the tag and comment~ i need a good rest~ tommorow kay? muahx

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Hulu Langat Waterfall- Part 3

this is the most fun part where we all get wet... not everyone..
few of the girls insisted not to get into the water..

they will help us to take care of our precious stuff and snap snap for us...

so all this photos all from my friends...
i don't have waterproof housing for my cam..bad~

at 1st we just keep it position~
then we became more and more crazy.. we want to slide down in a row..gosh..the plave i sick lots of tiny stones...painful man
jason and nelson...are gays....(gays=happy)
thanks for giving me hand...bleh~
wesley showing off~ tols ya we already sot sot... single chain~
so hard to hang on can..the water very 'deras'...the funny thing is..everyone just slipped away when they hang on my leg...too smooth d..what to do? haha..joking only kay?
yo~ that's my hand hanging on to jason...he was going to can see it by his expression~~
water keep splashing..can't take it anymore...*no eye see*
end...i haven got all the photos from my friends..maybe later will post some random pic~

Hulu Langat Waterfall- Part2

let's continue my waterfall shots..hehe

after we occupied our stuff on one corner of the place...we started off by playing some card and mind game..i think is called as mafia..
not going to explain how does it work..just a mind game~~i kill you, you heal me, i catch you get me?

they prepare a prize for the best actor in the group..

eunice got it~ she lawyer ma..can talk wan...

don't know what they are talking about..seems like something funny...and i saw jason so busy searching over my bag for sms must reply ma..right? *i am assuming*
tell you bag worth more than 5k that time...everyone was throwing in their hp purses cams into it...must treasure~~

tada...inilah dia the rite? _ _'''

after the game it almost lunch time..they brought tons of food...
i really mean a lot!

i didn't take shots of them..very busy you know..haha

we all busy me?

a little preview when we get wet ~ next post kay?