Saturday, August 25, 2007

Hulu Langat Waterfall- Part 3

this is the most fun part where we all get wet... not everyone..
few of the girls insisted not to get into the water..

they will help us to take care of our precious stuff and snap snap for us...

so all this photos all from my friends...
i don't have waterproof housing for my cam..bad~

at 1st we just keep it position~
then we became more and more crazy.. we want to slide down in a row..gosh..the plave i sick lots of tiny stones...painful man
jason and nelson...are gays....(gays=happy)
thanks for giving me hand...bleh~
wesley showing off~ tols ya we already sot sot... single chain~
so hard to hang on can..the water very 'deras'...the funny thing is..everyone just slipped away when they hang on my leg...too smooth d..what to do? haha..joking only kay?
yo~ that's my hand hanging on to jason...he was going to can see it by his expression~~
water keep splashing..can't take it anymore...*no eye see*
end...i haven got all the photos from my friends..maybe later will post some random pic~


squall_ch33s3 said... Jason...Jing Ping? Face look very familiar cuz I know him...hehe,used to be classmates in DJ Secondary skool

This post seldom see your face in it ler...hehe =P

milky ~ pearly said...

yes..his surname ngion rite?

jianbing said...

............. Jing Ping -_-

my name is Jian Ping. so close.

anyway, those photos are really nice. I missed my highschool life leh.. I wish I could kacau all my female friends instead of staying beside be a quiet good boy

Iwan Sanchez said...

wah.. ur pics damn clear!!
what camera u use>?

Jun jUn XVII said...

u slide down da rocks?noting sharp cut u rite?sumtimes got sharp rocks, if kena potong....da sungai all red color water adi ehh!

FoOie said...

wow shit, this place looks mighty FUN...

Where is it? I have to check it out one of these days!!