Monday, August 13, 2007

Get over it with empowering songs

hey how do you guys vent out your anger when you just experience the worse day of your life?
broken up with your boi?

i know it was painful but i just have a perfect way to get over it~

just non-stop blasting these songs and you will be fine...
'at least that works for me'

list of break up song

1. my happy ending - avril lavigne

2. since u been gone - kelly clarkson

3. i will survive - gloria gaynor

4. i don’t need a man - pussy cat dolls

5. don't bother - shakira

6. gone forever - three days grace

7. get out - jojo

8. ain't it funny - jLo

9. not gon cry - mary j blige

10. survivor - destiny child

11. irreplaceable - beyonce

12. fefe dobson - bye bye boyfriend

done~~ woah..spend quite a long time to compile everything~
i super s*cks in this bare with it kay...


Jun jUn XVII said...

heyhey ee mun!!!nows all da exam n assgmts!!get urself 2gether n we sama-sama face da war against algebra+calculus+prob & stats!!c u tmr in lecture!!n did i buy u da ice cream adi i owe u?

Poonky said...

hoi hoi milky! poonky returning ur luck! wee bon bon wee bon bon~~ dont sad la

Jeremy said...

hehe... know ur feelings of compiling all those... i nearly go hair wired when first doing it as well... jia you oh!!!

Iwan Sanchez said...

yeah laor.. i also loves to bury myself with music if i am angry or sad..

hmm.. music is the best companion in no matter what condition..

Anston said...

Kinda intrested on the list of "Broke Up" songs, maybe i should list out some songs for Guys punya :)

GAMMMM.... PA~ de...

milky ~ pearly said...

ya lo...jun~~ can i be a bit tamak or not?
i wanted the cornetto love at each bite ice-cream o!~~

poonky: was exam mr?

haha...okok..i'm learning tooo

ya right...
sing like thr is no tomolo..
break ur voice hehe

really? cool... looking forward to it~