Saturday, August 18, 2007


gosh..i had a bad day~
i nearly get killed...oOops terlalu exaggerate~~

anyway..for a 1 yr plus driver...this was too much for me~

i don't know this consider fortunate or bad luck...

if it is not today..if there is no one there to help...if i am driving on the fast lane...if someone is near behind me..if i don't have a spare...if i don't have a mean to seek help...if...if....if....

all i can say is thank god~

curious? anyway..i need time to transfer my just come back for the next post kay?

the little girl is my cousin sis~
our birthday fall on the sept month...she is double nine girl..get me?

*btw, my connection back to normal d..*

i had too much today and i'm tired~ so? chao~


Poonky said...

yeah la very curious la..cepat said :)

oh ur pics with ur lil cousin..saw another style of urs~~ haha looks diffrent

milky ~ pearly said...

how diff o?

Poonky said...

erm diff ah..usually u cam-ho alone and photoshop a bit the background ma~~this one just plain and word ~ but nice :)

milky ~ pearly said...

poonky: thx..hehe