Saturday, August 25, 2007

Hulu Langat Waterfall- Part2

let's continue my waterfall shots..hehe

after we occupied our stuff on one corner of the place...we started off by playing some card and mind game..i think is called as mafia..
not going to explain how does it work..just a mind game~~i kill you, you heal me, i catch you get me?

they prepare a prize for the best actor in the group..

eunice got it~ she lawyer ma..can talk wan...

don't know what they are talking about..seems like something funny...and i saw jason so busy searching over my bag for sms must reply ma..right? *i am assuming*
tell you bag worth more than 5k that time...everyone was throwing in their hp purses cams into it...must treasure~~

tada...inilah dia the rite? _ _'''

after the game it almost lunch time..they brought tons of food...
i really mean a lot!

i didn't take shots of them..very busy you know..haha

we all busy me?

a little preview when we get wet ~ next post kay?

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