Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Big Apple . Donuts and Coffee @ The Curve

no buy 1 dozen free 1/2 dozen promotion d~~ anyway, we get ourselves one and the half dozen..hehe

forgot to shot the 1/2 dozen ..haiya~~

seriously i really forgot the name d... whatever long as it look nice and yummylicious and they make you guys CRAVEEEEEeee ~~
*heart moi phone*


squall_ch33s3 said...

(sounded like Homer Simpson)

I read about Big Apple in newspaper b4...still havent tried it yet...

Arrgghhh,having sore throat now...but looking at yummy food pics =_="""""" lols

squall_ch33s3 said...
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Iwan Sanchez said...

i heart doughnuts!!

in singapore, u have to q for 4hrs just to buy these doughnuts!!!


Yothemans said...

i think krispy kreme is still the bomb