Thursday, August 30, 2007


yo..its end of my semester 2...14 hectic weeks..we even have to pass up assignments on the last week last DAY..that was crazy..everyone burn the midnight oil yesterday to finish up this crap because we were given less than 1 week to complete it...the worse thing was we have to do it with a software SPSS which we are not familiar with..skee said SPSS= stupid people stupid true can...

anyway i am glad that i managed to produce something out with it...thank god...haha

fuh~ have tons of overdue post..lots of outing and food and wonderful time..haha..don't know which one to start..i feel like talking about the most recent one..
we celebrated wern's burfday yesterday and i baked cupcakes for her...i had an assignment to pass up yet i still have mood to bake even harder right?

the whole process..ain't complete, i just randomly take some shots..

yo~ freshly baked..nice fragrance..

this is the icing frosting

cupcake after transformation...haha..*still in transformer fever?*

i know my spreading cream skill not well...but the heart that counts right?
by the way, they claimed that it was happy~

this is only the 1st part..we had one more bigger surprise for her..guess what was it?

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Poonky said...

not fair lo~~ why donkey dint get his muffin and cupcakes geh! sobs