Thursday, August 02, 2007

A joke

something funny happened to me yesterday~
my boring bm class was cancelled so we decided to go have some fun in neway...1u..
about 14 of us...
anyway that's not the 'funny' thing that i've mentioned...
i did not stay for the extented time..i left earlier than the others...
happily went shopping and went back home...
grabbed by my mom to tesco to reload some groceries at home...
suddenly, realize someone missed called me 3 times...and it is ringing...
me: halo

neway: hi, is that ms.pearly? i'm the neway manager and i want to ask whether you or your friends accidentally taken anything from control?

me: har? remote control? what happen?

neway: hmm..ok is like that...the remote control of room xx is we wondered whether you guys taken it or misplaced it? we have cctv prove that no one enter that room after you guys...

me: huh? *who on earth so stupid wan to steal that thing har?* ok ok..i'll asked my friends..maybe i'll call you back later

neway: pls be fast because it is kinda serious...

----end conversation one----

i called up my friend...

me: jac just now when you left you got see the remote control bo?

jac: me? no la..i oso left early..wat happen?

me: just now neway's manager called me saying that the remote control lost d...

jac: what the? wait i go ask...

----end conversation two----

jac: hey ...tell you something...gosh..i duno how to tell you...
i wan to tell you something very funny and ridiculous..

me: haha..go on

jac: the xxx beh song the waiter there so they threw the remote into the washroom rubbish bin...
(the room got washroom inside)

me: cool! *really zha dao* got guts now how am i going to tell them?

jac: ya la..that's y i also duno how to tell you~~

me:nvm it's ok..i'll call them up..and tell them

----end conversation three----

me: hey..pearly here...regarding the remote friend make a joke with your staff and play hide and seek with them...they hide it in the washroom's sorry

neway: oh izit? but we searched the entire room d...we still unable to recover it...
we have cctv as prove and may use it as a prove in police report.

me:(harlo...izit that serious ar? how much that thing cost..what money can solve ain't a prob*i was kinda _ _'''*) ok then...can you guys pls checked again and i'll asked again..if really can't find it then we'll solve the matter together..

neway: sure no prob

----end conversation four----

me: sure they put inside the bin or not?
jac: ya la..
me: ring you back later la..solve prob 1st

----end conversation five----

me: hey found it?

neway: yes..we found in the corner..

me: ok then? functioning?

neway: yaya..thanks you ... thx for your cooperation..if we can't find it..our staff may be in trouble...if it is other customer they might not even entertain us and call us to tell us what happen..
really thank you..

me: huh..ohh..ok bye then

----end conversation six----

wa..small matter have to settle so long...
neway really doink doink in finding thing~~

picture of wonderful time will be up soon~


Eugene said...


i'm u guys gave the manager a heart attack.. haha...


Poonky said...

i probably tell i dont know...haha,,
means next time u go blacklisted liow

Anston said...

Wow, never look into the tong sampah ar?! Haha... i'll try to hide it another place see wheather they can find or not! ngiek ngiek...

milky ~ pearly said...

not heart attack la~ just play with them oni~~

hmm..i oso kinda scare..but seems they like me very much wor~~

ya will find until the bin thr de...