Thursday, August 02, 2007

Neway @ 1 U

this is quite a heavy photos post... as you know from the previous post...we went happy hour at neway and popped up a major issue..
but thank god it was settled now~~ oh guys really want to know the room no? let me tell 33 and 43..
bunch of come so less? others haven reached yet~~
mates ya ^^ cam-friendly~~ asked them stop and cheese they really do..haha~~

the hui shan(brown cardigan) really really extremely super'll know later~~
we arrived quite early..i think about we go for the k-lunch...with membership card 50% off...
very cheap~ with food and salad buffet~
pasta bar...assorted pasta salad~~ salad bar..go healthy ..anyone? fave~~ sweet~~~

huh? anyone mentioning about calories? who cares..*bleks*
the greeny spiral pasta thing is my must-take food each time i go there~~ others are soso~~
potato slad..hmm...not good~~
here are the main dishes~~
there were only 5 choices
seriously..i forgot the name d~
tempura fish watever rice..*gosh..i just create the name myself* rm20

above average~~ the fish thingy quite nice
chicken tofu vege rice rm12

yew~~ it doesn't looked very tempting for me..but they claimed that it was quite ok...
besides, the rice can be refill...
nissin noodle with sausages and egg rm12

this looked like maggi mee...anyway..not bad though
egg sandwich french fries healthy meal rm16

i'm a fries i think this was the best among all
chicken chop rm20
ohh..this was one finished this craps~
our drinks
great pose missy~~

you go girl~~

i was wondering whether to put this last i still post..coz she is so cool..haha

she is darn funny and cute~
her sound..super loud...her voice covers everyone~~and she likes the 'ancient' songs which made me super shocked and stunned... so many people... we were like grabbing mic from each other~~

overall, it was kinda enjoyable...*winks*
i heart sun moulin don't know why, my mom don't buy white bread..she says that it isn't we only buy wholemeal..wholegrain...rye bread...

photos taken by k810i
i love my hp!!!!


Poonky said...

that bread seem..KERAS haha

milky ~ pearly said...

ya quite..but healthy wor

Nicholas said...

i like the ice cream!!

fattien said...

Wow, long time no sing K already. U really have a great time many many....posing many many...lolz.

milky ~ pearly said...

ya i like that shot too

ya i really time together gether go la