Friday, August 31, 2007

A Break

off to genting~

last week i went to PICC for the fireworks competition..

in such coincident the my fm form ranger team was there for some activities~ if you are my fm radio station listener, you'll know what it is all about

since there was still time for us to stopped by and feel the crowd~ we just get down the car and try our luck~

they were giving away many freebies..small stuff like posters, coffee bag, voucher and so fort..

that TWO gifts that caught my attention were PICC firework competition ticket and my fm 9th anniversary concert...but definitely there were others who were interested too right? there were so limited tickets.

people are like that, there are no free lunch in this earth~

they required us to play games and eliminate the others one by one~
they divide the group into 2 was for the PICC tickets and one for my fm concert tickets.
there were only 6 pairs of PICC tickets and 2 pairs of myfm tickets...
i try my luck for PICC while choco go for my fm group~

i s*ck in playing those paper scissors i'd been eliminated on the first face liao~ haha

anyway, i thought choco was no luck too~

BUT he just came toward me showing me the tickets..i was luck..OMG..u so lucky! hehe so that's how i get my ticket~ ^^

wow~ we were the lucky one among this crowd~ *woot*

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nicholas said...

i like 988 more .