Tuesday, August 07, 2007


so random so me~~

this is my new theme for my phone..i made each and everyone of them~~

don't want to be the same like others..

'common' is not in my dictionary~ *bleh*

another random thought~~

i wanna be thin...
go diet!
very thin...
extremely thin ..
but i love sweet stuff..i want dessert... like..everyday?


jaecywong said...

i also wan thin!! but i can resist those delicious mouth watering food!! XD

milky ~ pearly said...

who can jaecy~~ we same gang..haha

EdWin said...

eat 8 slice of bread everyday sure u slim. i do it...

squall_ch33s3 said...

Eh...ganas wei...so thin...wind blow can fly in the sky =_="

I wanna put on weight leh...opposite from ya'll...macam mana arrr,sifu???

Eat so much still the same =(