Tuesday, August 14, 2007


kinda tired these few days...

though there ain't any datelines for me this week but i still have some mid term tests to study on~

jun jun is true..triple maths triple stress...
all figures and numbers ..sh*t..mess up my life only~

worse thing is my hard disk ain't big enough to store everything .... how?

anyway, i will keep trying...what to do no $$ to upgrade it~ *hehe*

oh yea, bumped into peter's blog and found out that he wrote something about me and it definitely put a smile on my face in my mood-less day...^^

therefore, i made an informal 'card' for him ..hehe~~ just a simple photoshop-ing~ hope you don't mind..btw, is the heart that counts right?

i better get moi head on the upcoming paper...pray that i won't fall asleep ya ^^ *finger-crossed*

hey..poonky~ you haven 'officially' return my luck..how?


Poonky said...

balut milky luck in a metal and gold lining box and passed it to her :P

i return ur luck in last posts la, erm i think wont fail gua~~ ur luck really helps :P

u actually can draw leh~~~ draw more draw more :P

Anonymous said...

Hi Milky,
U have a nice blog :)
i'm a amateur photographer, may i know your email address?
take care.
my email: kwongco@yahoo.com

milky ~ pearly said...

arigato~~..glad that it helps hehe ^^
this means ur exam not bad lo hor?
qieng me eat d...

hey...my e-mail is


it is also my msn...
actually i 'd wan to send u my e-mail thru e-mail..but i need to study and kinda bz..hope that u read this~..if no..maybe weekend i'll only send u my mail..