Friday, August 17, 2007


sickening! connection slow like nobody business...

no mood to blog
no mood to crap
no mood to cam-ho (woah..this is serious)

surprisingly...i still have the mood to eat...*bleh~ send me to prison pls...*

hey wass da prob with you... streamyx..

my test was kinda worse i think...
everyone was saying that no point studying so hard..the question not related AT ALL.. WTF..
sei mou?

gosh. .%&**(%^%^&%^%#!@#$ *pissed of missy*

all i want is BLAST MY SPEAKER..

told mood dig back previous pic!

*i hav a crush on some1 that i not suppose duh~who cares..*

besides, i'll be kinda bz this weekend~cool


Poonky said...

hiya milky where can moody~ lai lai pass u some happy mood from me :)

jianbing said...

you stop cam ho... that is really serious leh. hehehe. Let's go to funfair.

Anston said...

Cheer up dude! i oso want to get some peaceful rest this weekend...

Don't let the storm covered ur cheerful smiles, go sing K lor :D

Take k,

一楠 said...

do you know chinese?你很可爱~you are pretty

milky ~ pearly said...

haha..happy d..thx

ya mood for that that time

ya right..good idea

yea i know...thx