Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Vivo @ The Curve

last tues, weiwei and i skipped class and went to the curve...
her sisters were craving for we went big apple for some mouth watering donuts...
before heading there we went for a lunch first..just above the big apple~

our orders~

sweet cheesy rm 4.80

sweet cheese as topping for a pizza? never heard of it so give it a shot..
not bad..but a bit hard..

turkey bbq 7" rm10.90

it is chef recommendation...the bbq sauce was kinda salty for me..

turkey ham panini rm8.80

this how it when we unwrapped it...the panini looked darn hard rite?..

complimentary mushroom soup

lots mushroom slices

complimentary garlic bread
nice aroma

mango mousse cake (add-on) rm 4.80

sweet tooth must have dessert to end our wonderful meal~~
but it seems to be a bit hard and taste like jelly than mousse..

weren't the foods too much for both of us?..not at all...hehe

overall...the foods here(i mean the stuff we order..not stereotyping )..HARD..but taste well

*woot* donuts time~~ post la *bleh*


fattien said...

wah!!! naughty naughty gal skip class for nice meal. hungry**** T_T

conan_cat said...

ehh~ vivo! :D wanted to go there but we went to the shop opposite it, starting with S but i forgot the name liao red color de haha... that shop is just so-so, ok ok lar... nxt time i'll go try vivo! :D

Anston said...

Vivo, i always walk by this restaurant but not brave enough to try the foods, paiseh :P

Since u recoment, i will consider to tikam! haha...

squall_ch33s3 said...

Never eaten there b4...
Haha...must have metal teeth to eat there? Lols...

milky ~ pearly said...

hey..seriously the class very boring wan lae~~ beh tahan liao

hmm..i think i know which one..nex i go try oso haha

hmm...better dun ba..the price is cheap but food really soso only

ya la..i have healthy teeth ma...everyday drink milk