Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Korean BBQ

i've been sick for 2 days~~ really can make the bathroom as my bedroom d...

anyway, really thx you guys for leaving some words for me..
if you ask me whether i'm ok...i say...not 100% still have some minor pain...

i think i had a fatal kind of food poisoning~~...last for 2 days already..~~ could this happen to a girl like me? not fair la~

i know i often mention that i want to slim down..but this method darn suffering can!
worse thing ain't working too...because when i feel slightly better i will stuffed in my cravings~~horrible milky..i know..

enough! no disgusting dreadful topic...let's talk a bout food then..

i went to Korean BBQ again last week with my girlfriends~~
told ya i have korean fever...hehe

side dishes

whatever-korean vege-rice

kimchi fried rice

BBQ chicken korean set


the foods here are absolute great~ no complain~

i wanted to post some of the waterfall shots...*went to hulu langat last sunday*
but there are lots of them..have to filter out first and wait for my friend to send the others to me.
so we'll just wait for the next few post...shall we?


fattien said...

Wah!!!! Korean Food. I want to eat that stone rice..*slurp slurp

Anston said...

U seems terrible after food poison, but now feel better ya?

Hulu Langat waterfall, must be very nice place lor!

milky ~ pearly said...

hehe..for u any food will do rite?

ya a bit...
absolutely nice..

hp84 said...

May i know where is the Korean BBQ? Is it expensive?