Friday, August 31, 2007

duck? zebra? fishy? vege?

its 31th august d~
happy 50th burfdae MALAYSIA!!
i didn't go to countdown at putrajaya with my friends...cos the jam..--> HELL
i just stay around puchong and went for a drink at bumbu bali and catch the firework up the hill ~~
so with is heaven one is earth...haha

let get back to the topic..shall we?

told ya we had a suprise for her..

da gift~
fish food...oxygen gel...fresh vege..and a duck-look-alike stuff..
we are really crazee~~

nice?the milky-handmade-burfday -cake

i think this would be most unforgetable burfday right?

muah to you..*bleh*

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