Wednesday, February 28, 2007


i read weiwei blog just now..
very happy she wrote bout me lae..
thanks dear..*oOps..*
i really do appreciate it very much..very very much~~*gan dong o*

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the weather was quite hot that day..even tiger have to take 'bath' few times...
when we were taking its shot...hmm..we too wish that there is a swimming pool around where we can jump into it...because of the hot sun...


here i come


i am in! coolz..refreshing
*aiks..don't take my naked pic while i am bathing*


hn! told you don't take stubborn human!

i don't want bath already!!



camel..^^. he likes my umbrella...when i shook it, he came towards me~~
*scare scare*


orang stated there that orang utan have 98.4% of genes identical with human
do we look alike??


eh..cow lae.."milk" farm..feel so homely BUT milky not come from here de o

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

CNY zOo trip

it's kinda weird when choco says he wants to bring me to zoo..he claimed that our dating location will never runaway from shopping complex or restaurants..he wants to experience something natural..out of the city *weirdo*

in my mind~~ *hmm..ZOO is so much extreme than what i have expected..why choose this place??*

indeed..he brought me to zoo during CNY holiday..i was happy because he kept his promise nothing else.

our journey starts...

our 'zoo' passes

da three musketeers

elephant *back by back..*

it is duplicate by choco..believe it onot?

then, as we were walking~~ we saw..a male "flamingo" act unusually towards a female one..hmm..what were they conversing??

i don't read "animal"'s just my imagination though..

guess what the female done to stop that male fella..

she "vomit" out her food ..then walk away..*it's true..i swear..* too bad we did not manage to take a shot of it.. >.<

another funny pic...look..flamingo is so damn smart..when choco said: freeze! dun move..

it really stay still..wakaka..hmm..we were patient enough to wait till it moved..because we don't want to be blame for creating rubbish statue in the lake~~

it ain't end of the journey..still have many pic..but have to edit first..till' then..

Friday, February 23, 2007

CNY never been so tiring... me~~

i m so tired now..i was never free this few days during much..sleep less..
going to become zombie already..*panda eyes*

i am little dragon..and i thought this piggy year would be a great prosper year for me... ain't what i expect~~

lose so many money this few days..don't know's just my skill or..luck wasn't with me...
*where are you dear luck???*

i think i should get myself a lucky charm~

^.^ for "someone" who sees understand yourself lah-har...

anyway..i told myself..gamble isn't good..out of 10 people 9 would end up losing...*but but but i want to be the 10th* *sob~~* it never happened...haiz....

have to stop now..collapsing already~~
i hope tommorow will be a better day..
dear all, wish me luck~~ **

till' then..

Friday, February 16, 2007

Wong Kok Char Chan Teng @ SS2

nowaday, there are many new new char chan teng in the town..all copy the kim gary's concept..o i would like to say "stole~"..
anyway, it's not my prob..i just want good food..that's all..the inventor /creator ain't my long as it's nice~~

choco n i wanted to go to the curve after the dinner, unfortunately..massive jam at LDP..half way there, i decide to cut off the plan n head to SS2..skip the other half of jam...

Wong Kok is famous of it's varieties of drinks..the ambience is fine we went there to have a drink~~

this is nice~~ a bit sourish n sweet..

chocolate fondue~ hmm.....don't ever order this..chocolate not that chocolicious..quite watery..breads are the normal gardenia toast bread...fruits..hmm..not fresh~~~..overall..BAD

i would recommend to go there and try their drinks not this 'swiss thing''s a HK restaurant..can't expect so "swiss-ish" taste from them...

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Korean BBQ @ Bandar Puteri

as usual valentine's day has become a comercialize day *i think*

restaurants will offer valentine set which comes with bloody bills..
some even reach rm420++ per couple...
i did not plan anything for valentine's day outing..i let choco plan for us~~ *

pity choco...because..he was late for booking, he called up many restaurants..yet they were already full house~~~ so sad~~ i didn't know bout it..until he told me..
i was quite considerate and doesn't got mad *of course*..because i do appreciate his effort~~ thx dear..

i then suggest to go Korean Bbq..easy~~
i have read many good reviews from some local foodie blog about this restaurant. in addition, weiwei too claimed that this restaurant is not term of food and also services.
suprisingly, some of the place are booked too~~ luckily we are early.. still have few empty seats..*i really mean FEW*
after 10 minutes..the crowd begins to come in..some even have to leave because no place...*pity*
we have^.^~~~
grilled pork (forgotten which part)

kimchi soup

--comes with japanese rice

side dishes

the portion of the side dishes are pretty small..but bare in mind it's refillable.

the grilled pork is yummy and spongy, wrapped with fresh lettuce and other side dishes..em~~ finger lickin gud ya! choco n i lurv it..'s a fine dinner..

after that, we head over to another destination~~~~

hand in hand

2007 valentine just slips away~~
*happi* i wish that everyone of you are happy too..
everyday is a valentine if you threat each other doesn't need to be 14-02 to threat someone good...that's my advice~~haha..become so serious suddenly~~
anyway..i just hope choco and milky will be hand in hand forever..lurv u**
i had a wonderful day yesterday(which only pass bout 30 minutes) ~~~ thanks dear..

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine speCiAl poSt?

ChoCo n Milky wishes:
~~~Happy Valentine to all of de couples on de world~~~

actually i(choco) busy for de whole morning to figure out how 2 post a audio clip on this blog. unluckily again, i haven start my web page design course on how 2 use de html stuff, so sad again...

so finally. i decide to post a link to display out wat i wanna tell milky...

*edited by milky*

Unlucky and a sad day.. HATE MANGO

ChoCo again here... but wif a sad post..

tomoro is a important day(valentine day!!), i tot i wanna make some desert 2 make milky happy n feel my love.
but my dream totally spoil..

ACTUALLY, i wanna do a mango mousse cup for MILKY as one of the valentine gift..
i copy de recipe from a cooking book de, de picture in de book seems nice...
i start doing de mango mousse cup from 11 a.m till 4 p.m.
*Such a long time, coz i`m not pro in cooking*

I remove de mango skin, smash de mango piece, weight it, mix with sugar, cook it wif low fat milk ....................................................................................................
A long procedure...

see!! so many ingredient!!
smashed mango yackzzz!!
Mixed wif milk, egg yolk, sugar !

After a few hours work, de result come out.. Looks nice izit??

But it totally "yakzzz", after u taste is once, u wun even wanna try de second time, because de mousse n de jelly top is still liquid form n dint change to solid as i wan..
sumo de mango taste wired,

the first try like durian,

second try like cempedak,

third like nangka,

fourth ???? ^i dun even noe it taste like wat^
As a conclusion, my valentine gift fail, waste my time, non meaningful....

*addition newz*
my first two hours of valentine can be describe in one word

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

what is your japanese name?

Your Japanese Name Is...

Yori Yamamoto

Your Japanese Name Is...

Seiichi Oimikado
aren't they cute~~ i love mine...yori~~

dedicate to choco- Great Gurlfren

You are a Great Girlfriend

When it comes to your guy, you're very thoughtful
But you also haven't stopped thinking of yourself
You're the perfect blend of independent and caring
You're a total catch - make sure your guy knows it too!

milky & choco relationship~

Your Relationship is Still Building Strength

You're relationship is fairly strong, but you're still working on making things solid.
Make sure you're both treating each other with kindness and respect, even when things aren't going well.
you may wonder why did i post so many ..quiz stuff..
it's all related to valentine~~ so i post..enjoy~~

milky candy heart

Your Candy Heart Is "BE MINE"
You've got your eye on someone, that's for sureAnd you're hoping for a little spark to eruptMake it happen on Valentine's day by going from friendly to flirtyOr if you're shy, at least play Secret Admirer

chocolate basket

wa~~ another present for milkypigpig..
how bout milky myself...i haven get anything *sob*

Monday, February 12, 2007

Milkypigpig valentine present from Chocoveron

milkypigpig is actually my nick name in maple story.
chocoveron is choco nick name in maple story....

red valentine rose

yellow valentine rose

white valentine rose

Old Town Kopitiam @ Bandar Puteri

this was an overdue draft..after finishing all my..important last..have some free time..
it had been a very busy weekend..everything came spontanuosly..did not know where start..i am glad that it finally..over..should i say that it's over..or almost~~hmm...*thinking*'s food time..
previously, i said that i went yum cha till very late~~ went to old town actually..
we wanted to go the bandar puchong branch at first..but according to KG..he said that the service there ain't good..
so, we decided to change our mind and head over to bandar puteri though it is further..
arrived about 10 something coming to 11 already..
the place was was 6 of us..we have to combine 2 small round table~~ hmm..*not good*
i prefer to sit the sofa area...*praying hard..*
haha..god is good..after we sat down for 5 minutes, the sofa area is available..because someone, we "shifted" there..
we ordered...

ice polo bun
this is KG favourite i think...he ordered without polo bun with cold slice of butter..
not my liking...too buttery maybe~~

assorted coffee~~
rm ....
i can't remember what we had ordered... all were coffees..mine is their must try..white coffee..
drank 2 cups~~*thirsty*

ice cream toast

nice~~ cold^. ^ love the toast bread..

french toast


my french toast~~ love it love it...not as buttery like kim gary..nice aroma~~

nasi lemak special


choco fave in the house...choco who don't like spicy stuff eat those? unbelievable ~~he claimed that it was tasty

last but not least...a cute couple ask me take this photo.. their drinks with to butterflies...

*cute couple- michelle & kok hoe*

ps: is not milky and choco