Monday, February 05, 2007

busy weekend

my weekend was nothing but busy..busy with what?
woke up early in the morning on sat and head over to , woke up early to avoid the know~~chinese huge festive season is just around the corner, chinese folks will be busy doing all the 办年货"ban nian huo" new shoes..everything new everthing **red**
in addition, it's beginning of the month..employees got their salaries and bonus..and what comes would spree for them..
it's absolutely wise to arrive early in order to skip all those JAM..i am totally enough of it during the weekdays.
i was thinking, why i want to go there when i know that it will be surely packed?'s just me..i love the crowd and surrounded by chinese new year "feel"(气氛)*winks* where the mannequins are all put on redish usual i did not manage to take some photo of them..because..i FORGOT..haha..

other than that, there was an event organized by 988radio station called "eason 一叮"*if i am not mistaken*..where the contestants will sing eason new album "what's going on" songs and waited to be DING will know how it goes if you watched the popular HK TV programme 残酷一叮 before.
we(choco and milky) saw a few contestants perform only because it wasn't really nice.
however, it ain't sad seeing people being DING away..because their returns were good you know..they got RM5 for a second of voice they sang..easy money~~~ stand there 10 second got RM50 already. *envy but i may not have their courage*

besides went to times square, low yat plaza, lot 10, starhill, bb plaza and kl plaza..
OMG...7 places in one day?? some of the places..we just stepped our foot in for few minutes..
you might think..we supposed to have many shopping bags at the end of the day..WRONG..we just got some computer gadgets and few clothes..BUT we do satisfied our tastebud with yummy will be posted real soon..
we have done our CNY shoppings centuries 'style' is not my liking..

oh was also the window vista lauch day..kinda packed in low yat..they organized some sort of treasure hunt competition..many participants in white-T with windows logo were running around bintang walk ..hmm..finding for clues i think~~
choco and i kinda regret for not participating...* time next time*

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