Sunday, February 11, 2007

zombie-ing in my room *while i m blogging this*

i am so drained now..why?
hmm...because i slept for only 3hours last damn chAM~~~~dying already
slept late woke up early..i tot sleep early wake up early is a good routine and i am suppose to practice come..~~ *sleepy*

went yum cha with friends till 1 something...come back for 2-3hours because chatting with cousin bro who just transfered to Macau, too many things to ask..i am such a busy body then it was already 3 in the morning...*snor*

WAT.. it's 5.30 in the morning...who who who...wake me up ...
*thinking* o yea..promised mom that i will accompany her to the morning market..BUT was so claimed that "CNY coming..many people..early go got fresh stuff" (her theory)

i was good enough and kept my least i got some rewards..

the happening egg tart in town...the s'ban siew pau- egg tart
my favourite..i think that's the best around..
i blog about this egg tart before, but that was at seksyen 17, pj..
this was from Oug ..a restaurant *did not notice the name, my focus was on the eggtart itself only*

s'ban siew pau- egg tart
rm 1.00

freshly from the oven

ate it while it's still hot in the car..


hmm..if i am not mistaken..the seksyen 17 stall sells at rm 1.10..slightly more expensive than this..but it comes from same company (s'ban siew pau)

s'ban siew pau- curry puff

rm 1.30

i don't like was thick and not crispy...

i will only come back for the EGG taRT ~~*it there any egg tart fan club out there??*

my day does not stops here..but i absolutely need some rest now~~ i ll share on the upcoming post..
till en'...nitez~~


i think my time setting got prob..

it's sunday feb 11

1.10 AM


@芦荟叮叮 theresa~ said...

wah.. oioi so "early" geh? hehe.... must take more rest o..
anyway.. if got egg tart fans club i will join with you.. ^^

milky ~ pearly said...

haha...ya lor~~ so kelian tat day...
if really got..i will call u..haha