Tuesday, February 27, 2007

CNY zOo trip

it's kinda weird when choco says he wants to bring me to zoo..he claimed that our dating location will never runaway from shopping complex or restaurants..he wants to experience something natural..out of the city *weirdo*

in my mind~~ *hmm..ZOO is so much extreme than what i have expected..why choose this place??*

indeed..he brought me to zoo during CNY holiday..i was happy because he kept his promise nothing else.

our journey starts...

our 'zoo' passes

da three musketeers

elephant *back by back..*

it is duplicate by choco..believe it onot?

then, as we were walking~~ we saw..a male "flamingo" act unusually towards a female one..hmm..what were they conversing??

i don't read "animal" language..it's just my imagination though..

guess what the female done to stop that male fella..

she "vomit" out her food ..then walk away..*it's true..i swear..* too bad we did not manage to take a shot of it.. >.<

another funny pic...look..flamingo is so damn smart..when choco said: freeze! dun move..

it really stay still..wakaka..hmm..we were patient enough to wait till it moved..because we don't want to be blame for creating rubbish statue in the lake~~

it ain't end of the journey..still have many pic..but have to edit first..till' then..

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Anonymous said...

From ChoCo:

actually is a good place for couple date there..
althought zoo is quite hot n smelly for a girl, but it is quite happy watching a camel peeing n a big mouse shitting...