Friday, February 23, 2007

CNY never been so tiring... me~~

i m so tired now..i was never free this few days during much..sleep less..
going to become zombie already..*panda eyes*

i am little dragon..and i thought this piggy year would be a great prosper year for me... ain't what i expect~~

lose so many money this few days..don't know's just my skill or..luck wasn't with me...
*where are you dear luck???*

i think i should get myself a lucky charm~

^.^ for "someone" who sees understand yourself lah-har...

anyway..i told myself..gamble isn't good..out of 10 people 9 would end up losing...*but but but i want to be the 10th* *sob~~* it never happened...haiz....

have to stop now..collapsing already~~
i hope tommorow will be a better day..
dear all, wish me luck~~ **

till' then..