Thursday, February 15, 2007

Korean BBQ @ Bandar Puteri

as usual valentine's day has become a comercialize day *i think*

restaurants will offer valentine set which comes with bloody bills..
some even reach rm420++ per couple...
i did not plan anything for valentine's day outing..i let choco plan for us~~ *

pity choco...because..he was late for booking, he called up many restaurants..yet they were already full house~~~ so sad~~ i didn't know bout it..until he told me..
i was quite considerate and doesn't got mad *of course*..because i do appreciate his effort~~ thx dear..

i then suggest to go Korean Bbq..easy~~
i have read many good reviews from some local foodie blog about this restaurant. in addition, weiwei too claimed that this restaurant is not term of food and also services.
suprisingly, some of the place are booked too~~ luckily we are early.. still have few empty seats..*i really mean FEW*
after 10 minutes..the crowd begins to come in..some even have to leave because no place...*pity*
we have^.^~~~
grilled pork (forgotten which part)

kimchi soup

--comes with japanese rice

side dishes

the portion of the side dishes are pretty small..but bare in mind it's refillable.

the grilled pork is yummy and spongy, wrapped with fresh lettuce and other side dishes..em~~ finger lickin gud ya! choco n i lurv it..'s a fine dinner..

after that, we head over to another destination~~~~

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Anonymous said...

From ChoCo:

it is really a good restaurant..
taste good
feel good
sound good
smell good....
u all can go n hav a try de..