Monday, February 12, 2007

Old Town Kopitiam @ Bandar Puteri

this was an overdue draft..after finishing all my..important last..have some free time..
it had been a very busy weekend..everything came spontanuosly..did not know where start..i am glad that it finally..over..should i say that it's over..or almost~~hmm...*thinking*'s food time..
previously, i said that i went yum cha till very late~~ went to old town actually..
we wanted to go the bandar puchong branch at first..but according to KG..he said that the service there ain't good..
so, we decided to change our mind and head over to bandar puteri though it is further..
arrived about 10 something coming to 11 already..
the place was was 6 of us..we have to combine 2 small round table~~ hmm..*not good*
i prefer to sit the sofa area...*praying hard..*
haha..god is good..after we sat down for 5 minutes, the sofa area is available..because someone, we "shifted" there..
we ordered...

ice polo bun
this is KG favourite i think...he ordered without polo bun with cold slice of butter..
not my liking...too buttery maybe~~

assorted coffee~~
rm ....
i can't remember what we had ordered... all were coffees..mine is their must try..white coffee..
drank 2 cups~~*thirsty*

ice cream toast

nice~~ cold^. ^ love the toast bread..

french toast


my french toast~~ love it love it...not as buttery like kim gary..nice aroma~~

nasi lemak special


choco fave in the house...choco who don't like spicy stuff eat those? unbelievable ~~he claimed that it was tasty

last but not least...a cute couple ask me take this photo.. their drinks with to butterflies...

*cute couple- michelle & kok hoe*

ps: is not milky and choco


Anonymous said...

From ChoCo:

i like their coffee a lot, it is very nice after u try it. but for my suggestion, DON`T DRINK IT AT THE NITE TIME OR U PLAN 2 AWAKE IN DE WHOLE NITE.....
because after i drink it, i cant sleep until 5 in de morning, *DYING*

Ohter then coffee, their curry chicken rice n nasi lemak was quite nice too...

利權 (Ken) said...

si mak nai cha is the best !! See, the french toast is better than Kim Gary one, that's why I prefer Old Town !!

milky ~ pearly said...

ha~~i dun really like the ximut's smooth but..not my liking...
ya~~french toast rox